This Is Where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Should Dine in Sydney

Updated 10/11/18
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I am possibly the least likely person to ever write a story about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I don’t know much about Meghan Markle, aside from the fact she is a) gorgeous, and b) does a superb job making office wear look good as Rachel Zane on Suits. I know even less about Prince Harry. (Though my research for this post did reveal his name is actually Henry—wild.) But, here I am, typing away, because the pair are due to visit Australia this very month as part of a royal tour covering Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Their trip got me to thinking about what they'll eat while abroad. My non-royal vacays are often planned entirely around restaurants so it's not as weird as it sounds. Probably.

Maybe they’ll have the time, and security detail, to eat out in Sydney. Maybe not. Maybe an Uber Eats courier will book a once-in-a-lifestyle gig delivering Thai takeaway to Admiralty House, where the couple are believed to be staying. More than likely, Meghan and Harry will be booked solid, and have neither the time nor inclination to have someone from their entourage log onto Dimmi. (Word is their 16-day schedule covers an exhausting 76 engagements and activities.) Still, on the off chance they’re feeling rebellious and want to dine out solo, I’ve pulled together a list of the local restaurants I think they’d rather enjoy. Ready to speculate wildly with me? Let's do this.

sushi e

According to the interwebs, Meghan is quite fond of a Negroni. One of the best I’ve had is the sake-spiked version at sushi E, which makes me think she’d maybe also be on board. Hopefully the pair would enjoy the restaurant’s prestige tasting menu which includes king crab soba noodles and shaved sugarloaf cabbage salad, too.


Meghan Markle is really into the work of designer Elie Saab. Elie Saab is Lebanese. Bing, bang, bosh—MM probably likes Lebanese food. Yes, it's a long bow, but really, who doesn't like hummus? Also on offer at Nour: confit cauliflower and mushroom and lentil risotto.


This well-loved restaurant has waterfront views on lock, but Manta's main draw is super-fresh seafood. According to Meghan, she abides by a vegan diet during the week indulging a little more at weekends. Perhaps she'd enjoy the crumbed South Australian King George whiting with a side of her "healthy eating kryptonite", fries? If not, there's always Pavlova.


Originally from Southern California, there's a fair chance Meghan, who now famously resides in the UK, gets homesick from time to time. An ode to L.A's sun, sand and surf, SoCal could inspire nostalgia in the Duchess as she tucks into the restaurant's "MexiCali" share menu. Speaking of nostalgia, former party boy Prince Harry would probably like the Lagerita, which comes in a red Solo cup.

the royal

Yes, it's a bit funny, but The Royal is a genuine Paddington institution with one of the best rooftops in Sydney. A pub menu wouldn't phase Harry, who spent his gap year working on an Australian cattle farm, and—I'm speculating—eating $10 steak specials at the local. Amusingly, the menu features Eton Mess, a dessert that originated at Eton College. Guess who went there? Your boy Henry/Harry.

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