Where to Buy Meghan Markle's Favorite Travel Accessory (It's on Sale Right Now)

Meghan Markle has spent a lot of time on planes over the last few years, whether it be traveling for work, jetting to Africa with Prince Harry, or meeting the royal family in London. According to multiple airport photographs and a post on her former blog Instagram account, @thetigofficial, there's one accessory she always keeps on hand during her travels: Stow's Leather Zipper First Class Tech Case.

Travel+Leisure managed to find the exact case online and discovered it's on sale via Aha Life. Originally priced at $500, the stylish holder is reduced to $425 with the discount code CLEANUP. While Markle's is in Amber Orange, you can also choose from Obsidian Black, Sapphire Blue, and Spring Pink. Not quite prepared to splurge on a tech case? Shop Markle's favorite travel accessory below, plus three affordable alternatives.