Watch Meghan Markle Break Royal Tradition and Walk Herself Down the Aisle

Updated 05/06/19

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no strangers to breaking royal tradition. The two have subtly defied protocol on multiple occasions, from their public displays of affection, the royal wedding invitations, which address Markle as "Ms." instead of "Miss," their wedding cake selection, and even the date of their nuptials (royal weddings are typically held on weekdays).

Markle in particular is every bit the modern woman, and her decision to walk herself halfway down the aisle is a testament to that fact. In yet another striking break from tradition, the new Princess walked unaccompanied into St. George's Chapel, followed by her 10 bridesmaids and page boys, making for a decidedly awe-inspiring and empowered moment. She is now the first royal bride in the UK to ever walk down the aisle completely alone.

Only when she reached the chapel's Quire, where the royal family was seated, was she accompanied by Prince Harry's father Prince Charles, who then walked her to the foot of the altar. Markle also chose to present herself to her new groom, as opposed to having Prince Charles "give her away," breaking centuries of royal tradition. As CNN reports, the breach from tradition was entirely Markle's idea and was set in stone before it was confirmed that her father, Thomas Markle, was too ill to attend. See Markle's empowered entrance below:

BEN STANSALL / Contributor/Getty Images
DANNY LAWSON /Contributor/Getty Images
DANNY LAWSON /Contributor/Getty Images

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