5 of the Most Memorable Emmy-Nominated TV Show Interiors of the Year

The 2018 Emmy Awards are just around the corner, and while we've been binge-watching all the nominated shows, something besides the powerful acting, stunning costumes, and brilliant directing caught our eye: the interior design.

Gone are the days when impressive set designs were reserved for the big screen. Now, with an influx of big-budget television series on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, the masterminds behind the scenes are creating worlds more realistic and intricate than ever before. Take Netflix's dramatic series The Crown, for example. The show has managed to re-create Buckingham Palace in all its prestige with immaculate details and absolutely beautiful furnishings and décor. On the flip side, shows like Stranger Things may not portray the most aspirational interiors, but the '80s-era sci-fi phenomenon certainly made a lasting impression with its quirky set design (see Christmas lights hung across the living room).

Ahead, we're highlighting some of the most memorable TV show interiors spotted in just a few Emmy-nominated series. Take a look at their unique designs and be inspired to bring some of their looks into your own home.