5 Last Minute DIYs for Your Memorial Day Barbecue

With summer just around the corner, we are all counting down the minutes to Memorial Day weekend. What better way to honor the holiday and celebrate the warmer weather than with an outdoor dinner party or daytime BBQ? Here are our favorite last-minute DIY decorating ideas for those of us scrambling to get our homes ready for the inaugural summer celebration.

The Project: Bandana Table Runner The Essentials: Red bandanas, sewing kit, round white bowls, and red and blue fruit of your choosing. Skill Level: Beginner The Tricky Part: According to the decorating queen herself, Martha Stewart, there is nothing tricky about this little project because bandanas do not require hemming. Further Reading: Martha Stewart


The Project: Twine Lanterns

The Essentials: Big, round balloons, sharpie, scissors, cotton yarn, white glue, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, spray paint, fishing line (or hanging lamp cord for pendant light), and mixing container. Skill Level: Advanced The Tricky Part: Keeping the yarn draped tightly around the balloon to maintain the round shape. Further Reading: Anthology


The Project: Blue Bottle Display The Essentials: Clear glass bottles and jars, paint in an assortment of monochromatic colors (acrylic is not ideal). Skill Level: Beginner The Tricky Part: Finding the perfect shades of paint. Further Reading: Poppytalk


The Project: Galvanized Tub Fire Pit The Essentials: Heavy-duty steel tub, starter log, more logs, lighter fluid, and match. Skill Level: Beginner The Tricky Part: Choosing a safe spot; make sure there are no low tree branches around. Further Reading: My Recipes


The Project: Star Medallions The Essentials: Cotton fabric, heavy spray starch, iron, sewing machine, scissors, ribbon, and fusible webbing. Skill Level: Intermediate The Tricky Part: Difficult to nail down the complicated and precise creasing and cutting techniques. Further Reading: Martha Stewart

For more DIY's check out our Pinterest board. Photography: Martha Stewart, Anthology, Angus McRitchie for Canadian House & Home, Arden Photography, Martha Stewart