What to Make For the Best Memorial Day BBQ Ever

Memorial Day is one week away -- have you planned your menu yet? Skip the store-bought patties this year and amp up your entertaining game with our ultimate barbecue bash menu. You'll be the talk of the town. 4

A healthy snack that requires no preparation! Just make a simple cone out of basic parchment paper, tape it together with Scotch tape, and fill with your favorite berries. Then, take it with you to the Memorial Day parade!


You'll never look at another Lay's again after tasting these bad boys from A Cup of Jo. Crispy, salty, and fresh out of the oven, they're so good, you might need handcuffs to restrain yourself.


What's a better way to usher in summer than with a bright and juicy watermelon salad? With herbal notes of mint, the sweetness of honey, the saltiness of feta, and the tartness of lime, this dish from The Blond Cook is divine.


Once you pop these babies into your mouth, you just can't stop. Made with spicy brown mustard and freshly chopped chives, this Bon Appetit recipe is absolutely delicious.


Mozzarella and tomato go together like peanut butter and jelly, and frankly, we love them dearly on their own as well. But sandwich these two between a warm slice of white bread, and you may as well have died and gone to heaven. Visit Martha Stewart for the recipe.

5Grilled chicken is always a crowd-favorite, and we think it's essential to every barbecue. Our go-to recipe is oregano-marinated grilled chicken with charred lemons from Saveur. It's quite classic and not overbearing, but as juicy and flavorful as can be.2

No BBQ would be complete with a rack of ribs, and these are the best. No really: they're actually called "The Best Barbecue Ribs." And they have the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, tangy, smoky, and savory; read on at Handle the Heat to find out what's in the secret sauce.


Since we love to pick at a little bit of everything at a barbecue, we adore making sliders because they save room more for more nibbling. These beauties from What Katie Ate are as close as you can come to mini-burger perfection.


It may not be as American as apple pie, but really any pie really feels patriotic to us. Strawberry rhubarb is a classic combination that's perfect for the spring-to-summer transition -- and delectably sweet. Try this adaptation from Smitten Kitchen.


Did you hear the news? Two of our favorite summer cocktails fell in love . . . and they had a baby. Captain's Lime Shandy from Katie at the Kitchen Door is basically the offspring of a Dark 'n' Stormy and a Shandy. HECK yes.


What Katie Ate says this cocktail was inspired by a night of rooftop drinking, and that was enough to win us over. We love how the tartness of the ginger combats the sweetness of the juices here -- it's utterly refreshing (and just boozy enough).

Happy Memorial Day. Don't forget to tell your friends to BYO beer and wine -- you've done enough.

What are your favorite recipes for summer barbecues? Do us a favor and share links in the comments below!

Photographs: Jennifer CauseyBetter Homes & Gardens, A Cup of Jo, The Blond Cook, Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart, Smitten Kitchen, Handle the Heat, Katie at the Kitchen Door, What Katie Ate