Men Are Intimidated by Women With This Trait, Study Suggests


Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Heterosexual men and women have essentially been trying to read each other's minds since the beginning of time, a task that is in no way simplified by dating apps and Internet culture. Relationship studies can help cue us in to what the opposite sex is thinking—the good and the bad. Most recently, a study from the Warsaw School of Economics statistically substantiated a rather depressing stereotype: Men are intimidated by clever or intelligent women, and generally prioritize beauty over brains.

The researchers, led by Adam Karbowski, analyzed the speed-dating results of over 500 Columbia University students, seeking to understand the appeal of intelligence versus attractiveness. After each speed-dating round, Karbowski and team asked each participant to rate their date on a scale of one to 10 for both attractiveness and intelligence. They were also asked to answer whether or not they would like to see their date again, giving a "yes" or "no" reply. 

The findings suggest that men desire a smart or clever woman—up to a certain point. Although the sky is the limit for women in terms of valuing intelligence in men, there's a clear point at which men no longer value intelligence in women—even to the point of it becoming a deterrent.

The researchers give an example of a woman who rates a 6/10 for attractiveness and a 2/10 for intelligence, who, according to their findings, has just a 20% chance of a second date. "Boost her intelligence by [4] points, to 6 out of 10, and she now has a 40 percent shot. But a further 2 intelligence points have virtually no effect: she is still at 40 percent," explains Psychology Today. "Maxing out her intelligence to 10 out of 10 reduces her odds of being chosen, back down to 30 percent!"

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