Women Are More Attracted to Men Who Eat This Food


Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

A word of advice to heterosexual men seeking to woo a woman: Eat an apple. But seriously—according to a new study published in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior, women are actually more attracted to the scent of men who eat fruits and vegetables. Conversely, women are turned off by the scent of men who load up on carbs. 

The researchers sought to understand the relationship between sweat odors and health status and genetics. Male participants were required to provide sweat samples, in addition to detailed information about their diet and eating habits. Female participants then evaluated the sweat samples on "several affective, qualitative, and psychological dimensions," including smell (we sympathize with them). Overall, men who enjoyed a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables produced sweeter, fruity-smelling sweat, which women were most attracted to.

Next in line were the men who maintained a lean diet of fat, meat, eggs, and tofu, whose sweat retained some elements of sweetness. Lastly, the men who regularly indulged in carbs produced a "stronger, less pleasant" odor that women were relatively repulsed by. Biologically, this sweeter, more pleasant smelling sweat produced by the veggie-loving men serves as a reliable indicator of health—one that can aid them in their quest to find a suitable mate. 

Does your partner maintain a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables? Share your experience below, and shop our salad essentials to streamline healthy eating habits in your home.