3 Mental Habits That Will Make Any Hard Time More Bearable

Updated 05/23/17
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mental habits for facing challenges

Remember that saying "Life's tough; get a helmet" from the TV show Boy Meets World? Well, as we get older, life doesn't magically get easier. We typically face even more hardships as we age, and there's usually a lot more at stake—stressful jobs, relationships that aren't going anywhere, financial issues—you name it. Truth be told, adults still need a little bit of protection from whatever life throws at us. Which is why we were pleased to see an article on Heleo discussing positive mental habits you can learn now and utilize later, or whenever you're faced with a challenge.

Below, we've rounded up the top three essential mental habits that will help get you through any trying time.


Also called "EQ," emotional intelligence is the ability to be in sync with your emotions and the feelings of those around you. Ultimately, being in tune with your emotions and thoughts gives you the mental strength to tackle problems head-on. The good news is that EQ, unlike IQ, can actually be improved with practice.


This is definitely a skill you need to sharpen over time. Learning how to balance making others happy with making yourself happy is at the heart of mental and emotional well-being, but it's easier said than done. If you need a little guidance, we recommend The Power of No to get you started.


Being jealous of others' success or accomplishments will end up zapping your energy, rather than motivating you to do better. Realize that there are a thousand different ways to reach the same end goal and that everyone has their own path in life. When you learn to be in the moment and appreciate everything you do have, you'll be at peace.

Be sure to read about the first thing successful people do in the morning, and tell us which mental habit helps get you through difficult times in the comments.

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