This Bedroom Trend Will Inspire You to Sleep In

Beachy waves, half-tucked blouses, messy topknots, boyfriend T-shirts—these days, putting effort into looking effortless is the new normal. Well, with “undone” being the new “made up,” why not apply your best personal styling tips to your bedroom?

Messy beds are a great way to give your favorite room the carefree-chic “I woke up like this” vibe. I’m not talking one mussed blanket; think full-on bedhead for your bedspread. Layered, strategically messy setups give lived-in texture to minimal and more accessorized bedrooms alike. From tousled throws to strewn-about sheets, piled-up pillows to disheveled duvets, this trend infuses any bed with a collected yet effortless appeal. The best part is that it’s a win-win: Sometimes, it just so happens that the less you do to your bed after you wake up in the morning, the better. Besides, if we can attribute not making the bed to our personal style aesthetic, we’re definitely on board.

Ahead, see 14 bedrooms with perfectly imperfect messy beds that’ll inspire you to sleep in.

Layered Linen

Layered Linen
Entrance Makleri

Making your bed may be so last year, but the art of the perfectly unmade sleep setup still takes a little bit of practice. One trick learned from our obsession with Swedish boudoirs is to keep bedding light and linen-based. Linen’s inherently crinkled, wrinkled texture makes it an ideal choice when you’re going for the au naturel bedroom look. The fabric’s comfortable, casual nature also makes it inviting: If the surface is already rumpled, your guests don’t have to worry about messing it up when they sit or lie down.

Janne Olander for Stadshem

Keeping a light, neutral palette showcases the way that fabric texture and thread count can tie a bedroom space together. Playing off a cloud-like pendant, the fluffy, layered bedding in this room is the stuff dreams are made of.

Lynden Foss for Inside Out

Dare to dream beyond the bedspread when creating an undone look for your bed. Linen-upholstered bed frames are a great way to extend texture from headboard to footboard.

Wonderful Whites

Wonderful Whites
Fantastic Frank

A little bit of movement between the sheets adds texture to a bright, all-white room. Messing up white bedding adds interest while maintaining a fresh, clean look, taking a simple space from stark to downright dreamy. Minimalists, take note: Fabric mixing is key for creating dimension when keeping the color story monochrome. From there, layer eclectic white décor with wild abandon.

Main Street Stockholm

If you’re not ready to commit to an all-white space but still have Scandinavian minimalism on the mind, layering a few rich, neutral accents can help create a more collected and balanced bedroom. These distressed leather chairs add a dose of vintage character as creative nightstand alternatives.

Tinted Tones

Tinted Tones
Line Klein

It’s okay to be a softie when it comes to bedding. Softly tinted tones bring subtle dimension into a layered bed look. Dusty neutrals and pale pastels alike take disheveled to the next level, and let’s be real: Waking up is hard to do, so you might as well surround yourself with serene shades for a little slice of morning calm.

Anna Malmberg for IKEA

When it comes to creating your own bedtime color story, consider sticking to shades within a color family. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful mess of blues and indigos.

Jonas Ingerstedt for Linum Design

For even bolder tonality, don’t be afraid of the dark: Layering deeper hues will add richness to set the mood even before the lights are dimmed.

Thrown-Together Throws

Thrown-Together Throws
Main Street Stockholm

When was the last time you actually threw a throw blanket? Try creating an undone bedroom look with more toss and less turn, styling a perfectly imperfect throw across the bed—fuzzy textures optional (but definitely preferred).

Peter Kragballe for Hunch Living

This bedroom builds beautiful warmth with eclectic earth tones extending from the rugs to the furniture to the linens to the throws. A terrifically tousled fur blanket is just the right finishing touch at the foot of a layered bed.

Annette O’Brien via Leah Bartholomew for Greenhouse Interiors

For many, the bedroom is their happy place. Why not create a cheerful, carefree vibe by layering colorful covers on a bed to pop off a colorful canvas on the wall?

Alexander Lagergren

Layering patterns in a bedroom can be tricky, but it helps to focus on one type of pattern that can be integrated using multiple mediums. In this bedroom, black-and-white striped patterns lead the eye from a throw blanket to pillow shams to a gallery wall full of linear art.

Pillow Pileup

Pillow Pileup
Jonas Berg for Stadshem

Whether it’s a pillow fight or more of a pillow party, this bed makes a strong case that more is more. We love a good throw pillow for any impromptu snoozes, and who doesn’t enjoy an inviting nap space? Snuggle up with a pillow, binge on Netflix, and doze off. As if we needed yet another reason to stay in bed. 


When it comes to adding a little bit of cozy flair to a minimal boudoir, sometimes the simplest solution is adding a blush pillow or two. Because it’s not a pillow party unless you bring a plus-one.

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