This Bedroom Trend Will Inspire You to Sleep In

Beachy waves, half-tucked blouses, messy topknots, boyfriend T-shirts—these days, putting effort into looking effortless is the new normal. Well, with “undone” being the new “made up,” why not apply your best personal styling tips to your bedroom?

Messy beds are a great way to give your favorite room the carefree-chic “I woke up like this” vibe. I’m not talking one mussed blanket; think full-on bedhead for your bedspread. Layered, strategically messy setups give lived-in texture to minimal and more accessorized bedrooms alike. From tousled throws to strewn-about sheets, piled-up pillows to disheveled duvets, this trend infuses any bed with a collected yet effortless appeal. The best part is that it’s a win-win: Sometimes, it just so happens that the less you do to your bed after you wake up in the morning, the better. Besides, if we can attribute not making the bed to our personal style aesthetic, we’re definitely on board.

Ahead, see 14 bedrooms with perfectly imperfect messy beds that’ll inspire you to sleep in.