Sip on These 7 Metabolism-Boosting Drinks for a Natural Detox

So many people swear by squeezing fresh lemon juice in hot water for a natural detox—there's a reason Gwyneth Paltrow swears by its health benefits. But did you know there's actually a new roster of metabolism-boosting drinks out there that will help you burn more calories by encouraging fat cells to shrink or even lessening your cravings for sweets? It all has to do with some special ingredients in these beverages that kick-start your digestive system.

The best part is that these drinks range from everything from tonics to smoothies and even hot chocolate (yes, please), which let you give your body a boost while satisfying hunger. Whether you serve them for breakfast or a midday snack, we swear these tasty drinks will kick your body into high gear.  Keep reading about the key ingredients you should incorporate into your diet as well as the metabolism-boosting drinks that contain them. The next time you want to burn a few extra calories, you'll know exactly which beverage to whip up.