A Body Language Expert Reveals How to Get What You Want

Photo: @brooketestoni

If you tuned into the first presidential debate of 2016, you were one of 84 million people who intently watched Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and waited for a reaction or flicker of emotion that might hint at their true character. While politicians might appear to have perfected the poker face, body-language expert Kasia Wezowski believes it is possible to push past this façade by honing one simple but valuable skill: the ability to read microexpressions. 

"The secret is to pay attention to the spontaneous and involuntary microexpressions that rapidly flit across everyone's faces at times of intense emotion," she explains in an article for The Harvard Business Review. It can last for as little as one 25th of a second, but Wezowski tells MyDomaine that learning to read these queues will make you better at everything from salary negotiation to connecting with your S.O. (or picking the right presidential candidate).

Follow these three steps to become a master negotiator, manager, and leader—and get what you want every time.