Microinfusion Review: My Face Looks 10 Years Younger

See the video to witness my glowy results

microinfusion—Sacha Strebe

As many a story on MyDomaine can attest, my skin has endured numerous new-age beauty treatments in the name of vanity. From lasers to vampire facials and under-eye fillers, I've tried them all with a childlike enthusiasm, and I won't stop until my skin has Jennifer Lopez's youthful glow. Yes, I have set the bar very high, but I like a moving target. When I read that my Byrdie colleague Erin Jahns had recently experienced a new treatment called microinfusion that literally stamps Botox, filler, and vitamins into your face, I knew I had to try it out on my 38-year-old skin.

What Is Microinfusion?

Microinfusion is a skincare procedure that uses small needles, pressed into the skin, to create channels in the skin's surface of the skin that allows treatment products to be infused.

I was particularly interested in helping lighten dark circles under my eyes (which I'm told it does help) along with the usual anti-aging results such as improving overall skin texture, pore size, and tightness. I reached out to Dr. Nancy Samolitis, a board-certified dermatologist and co-owner of Facile Dermatology and Boutique, to learn more about microinfusion. Turns out, up to half of our editorial team sees her for their skin, too, so I knew I was in good hands.

Meet the Expert

Dr. Nancy Samolitis is a board-certified dermatologist and co-owner of Facile Dermatology and Boutique.

Before we go into the details, Samolitis tells me that this treatment is best suited to those who have good skin health, meaning they take care of their skin with a solid at-home routine and are strict about daily sun protection. Luckily, I am the perfect candidate—these are the products I use every day. For those with more severe sun damage and deep wrinkles, a more aggressive combination of products and procedures is recommended.

Read on to learn more about this treatment, including videos from my session with Dr. Samolitis.

Microinfusion review—Sacha Strebe

Microinfusion Basics

Microinfusion (also known as the Aquagold Fine Touch Treatment) is a procedure that uses tiny needles to create channels in the surface of the skin, allowing microdroplets of treatment to be infused. The treatment runs for $650 at Facile. As Samolitis explained to me, the gold device she uses has 20 needles, each of which is finer in width than a strand of human hair and plated in 24-karat gold.

This same device also has a cartridge that is filled with a unique cocktail of ingredients including Botox, filler, and vitamins. The cap attached to the cartridge contains the very short needles mentioned earlier, and these inject the liquid concoction into the skin using a stamping motion. When the needles are pressed into the skin, the infusion flows out in small droplets. 

Watch the short video below to see a close-up view of the device before Samolitis begins the treatment. 

sacha strebe after skincare treatment

Microinfusion Cocktail Ingredients

There is a special recipe of ingredients that make up this potent anti-aging combination. Dr. Samolitis explained to me that they typically use a combination of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, and a vitamin complex at Facile. The ingredients can be modified depending on the patient in case of allergies or medical conditions as needed. The botulinum toxin, when injected more superficially as opposed to in the muscle, has benefits like refining skin texture and tightening pores.

She says it also may be useful in preventing oil production and acne to some degree, but this is still being studied. The HA filler is very diluted, so it plumps up the skin by drawing and holding hydration into the skin without the risk of lumps. The vitamin solution is a combination of antioxidants and brightening agents to give an immediate glow.  

As you can see in the video below, Dr. Samolitis stamps the product into my skin. I didn't need any numbing cream for this and truly it didn't feel painful at all. The needles are short, and since I have had micro-needling before, I was ready for the feeling. For those who haven't, it looks worse than it is, and for me, the glowy results are totally worth it. Besides, the whole procedure only took a total of five to 10 minutes.

microinfusion treatment—Sacha Strebe


After I had the microinfusion, my skin was slightly red, of course, but after an hour it was glowing due to the effect of the vitamins and HA ingredients. Dr. Samolitis told me that the benefit of the botulinum toxin and collagen stimulation from the stamping of the microinfusion process would occur days to weeks later, and it did. 

As far as how long it lasts, the results vary but you can have benefits for several weeks. Samolitis says the procedure should be repeated regularly or combined with other treatments for optimal long-term results. If I could afford it, I would honestly have it every month (every four weeks is the best interval for repeating the treatment) because the long-term benefits are worth it. This procedure keeps the skin hydrated thanks to the injection of HA, and the new collagen you create from the microneedles can keep skin texture smooth and dewy—two words I definitely want to be associated with my skin.

The best part of all is there is zero downtime. Aside from the temporary mild redness and sensitivity (which usually only lasts minutes to hours depending on the skin type), you can really walk out the door with dewier, glowier, healthier skin.

My Final Verdict

While I have had under-eye fillers, I haven't had Botox yet, so this was my first experience with it; microinfusion is a much softer approach with very subtle results. I would honestly recommend this treatment because my skin looked so incredibly clear, bright, healthy, and youthful within days, but the real results came about a week later. In fact, I attended a friend's wedding party and one woman was so enamored with my skin tone and texture she said I looked like a mannequin but in a good way. That's how smooth and clear my skin was.   

Of course, as mentioned, if you're hoping to reduce acne scarring, sun-damaged skin, or wrinkles, then I would recommend chatting with a dermatologist to see what options are better suited to your skin. Microinfusion is a great option for enhancing your skin's clarity and brightness before an event or for maintaining optimal skin health. It most likely will not reverse more severe signs of sun damage or deeper wrinkles but is an easy, effective, relatively painless, and safe treatment for any skin type. It also delivers gorgeous glowing skin with no downtime. Who doesn't want that?

before and after—Microinfusion review

Favorite Anti-aging products to Maintain the Glow

Cosmedix Pure C $54

I have been using this vitamin C powder for years. The crystal form means that it can't oxidize like most vitamin C serums when exposed to air. This maintains the quality and the best part is you can mix it with anything you already have such as a serum or moisturizer. Too easy. 

Go-To Skincare Transformazing Sheet Mask, Box of 5 $45

These sheet masks are packed with anti-oxidants and just feel so good when your skin needs a boost. They're created by a fellow Aussie, Zoe Foster Blake. She's all about simplifying your beauty routine. I love that. 

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil $110

This very special oil is jam-packed with every ingredient that feeds the microbiome of the skin. It helps to quench your skin's thirst and helps to slow down aging. That's why it's one of True Botanicals' best-selling oils. 

Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask $28

I've preached about this mask in previous stories before now, but that's because I really do love it so much. It smells incredible and the lazy girl in me rejoices because I can put it on before I go to bed and I don't have to wash it off until I shower in the morning.

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