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15 Midcentury Modern Color Palette Ideas to Try

midcentury modern color palette

dazey den

Midcentury modern style is all the rage, and furniture and décor with its distinctive look can be found at nearly every home store. But furniture and décor alone do not make a room—you need plenty of color too.

But with countless color choices out there, it's hard to figure out which ones are the most 'midcentury.' Never fear: we've got you covered. Keep reading to see 15 different midcentury modern color palettes that you'll want to try ASAP.

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Yellow and Red

midcentury modern color palette yellow and red

dazey den

Ready to make color count? Add some bright and bold midcentury hues to your bedroom and get ready to fall asleep in a retro rainbow wonderland. We love this yellow and red pairing in the bedroom above from Dazey Den. The yellow wallpaper is the room's standout centerpiece, while the red flooring adds more warm color to the space. This color combo would also look great in dining rooms and bathrooms too.

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Green and Beige

midcentury modern color palette green and beige

desiree burns interiors

Midcentury modern color doesn't have to be bright and loud—it can also be toned-down and subtle, like this living room from Desiree Burns Interiors shows. Calming beige is the perfect backdrop for deep green, and the two colors easily complement the retro-styled furniture nearby.

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Blue and White

midcentury modern color palette blue and white

cathie hong interiors

It's easy to dismiss the kitchen as a place for color. But this midcentury Eichler kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors demonstrates otherwise. Clean white cabinetry keeps the focus on the colorful blue backsplash, as well as the retro lighting fixtures. You're left with a calm and refreshing kitchen that incorporates color without letting it overwhelm the space.

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Blue and Brass

midcentury modern color palette blue and brass

dazey den

Looking for a more monochrome midcentury modern color palette? Try out (nearly) all-blue. Light blue walls paired with velvety blue furniture and deep blue accessories ensure that your monochrome space doesn't feel too similar. To add a little extra contrast, consider installing brass light fixtures or brass decor.

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Yellow and Gold

midcentury modern color palette yellow and gold

cathie hong interiors

Nervous about adding color to your home? Start in the bathroom. Because it's a small space, you don't need much to make an impact—just check out how only a little bit of color made such a big difference in the bathroom above from Cathie Hong Interiors. The pops of burnt yellow in the space add retro color and pair nicely alongside golden and wooden accents.

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Pink and Teal

midcentury modern color palette pink and teal

dazey den

For a midcentury modern color palette that's as bright as it is fun, pair teal with pink. Lush and deep teal contrasts well against light pink, and the pairing gives any space a laid-back and stylish look. To make this pairing really stand out, consider using velvety teal which adds to its look of richness!

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Blue and Red

midcentury modern color palette blue and red

cathie hong interiors

Blue and red probably aren't the first two colors that come to mind when you think of color in the kitchen. But these lovely hues add some lighthearted midcentury color to this modest kitchen. After all, it's hard to lose with blue cabinetry. The red floor runner ensures the space doesn't feel too blue and brings in some warm color.

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Beige and Yellow

midcentury modern color palette beige and yellow

bespoke only

This muted color palette may not seem all that midcentury. But this simple pairing, with its eye-catching yellow and understated beige, allows for color without feeling cluttered. It's a great color palette to choose if you're looking to show off your high-end MCM furniture, as these colors won't distract from it.

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Green and Brown

midcentury modern color palette green and brown

bespoke only

It's time for our midcentury color palette to get a little bit moody. Deep green and brown bring grown-up elegance to any space, and they're a great contrast to a window-filled sitting room. This color palette also fits right in in a tucked-away library or den too. To make this look extra midcentury, add in some sleek wooden MCM pieces or deep green retro seating.

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Blue and Green

midcentury modern color palette green and blue

desiree burns interiors

For a midcentury modern color palette that feels a touch tropical, try out blue and green. Pops of blue add fun color alongside the green of the sofa and houseplants. To boost that midcentury feeling even more, look for retro accessories like pots, trays, and vases.

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White and Wood

midcentury modern color palette white and wood

bespoke only

Midcentury furniture is often known for its elegantly crafted wooden pieces in rich wood tones. So rather than trying to distract from it, embrace it. Pair your sleek wooden furniture with a creamy white to give your space a calm, minimalist presence that celebrates midcentury modern style.

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Gray and White

midcentury modern color palette gray and white

bespoke only

Few things make a room feel calm like a deep blue-gray. But calm doesn't mean boring either—we love how the space above from Bespoke Only uses a stylish, MCM-inspired sofa in gray to center the room. The surrounding white walls add to the relaxing look. This pairing is a great choice for other low-key spaces too, like the bedroom or den. Who else is ready to take a nap?

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Blue and Yellow

midcentury modern color palette blue and yellow

casa watkins living

Deep blue and golden yellow are a match made in midcentury modern color palette heaven. The golden yellow has a distinctly retro vibe, while the deep blue adds a dash of fun color. This color pairing looks great in nearly any area, but it looks especially beautiful in larger rooms, like a living room or primary bedroom, where the extra space allows it to really shine.

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Pink and Black

midcentury modern color palette pink and black

dazey den

For a carefree color combo that feels oh-so-Palm Springs, pair light pink with pops of black. The fun and breezy pink is a great companion to the more grown-up and elegant black. This combo works especially well in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

To make this midcentury color combo work with other colors, pair nearly any pastel (like mint green or baby blue) with a darker and richer color like black.

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Orange and Yellow

midcentury modern color palette orange and yellow

dazey den

Another stand-out kitchen color combo is found in orange and yellow. This sunny and retro pairing makes nearly any space feel more cheerful and bright. Though we love the boldly painted cabinets in the kitchen above from Dazey Den, you can create a similar low-commitment and subtler look by using orange and yellow kitchen accessories and linens.