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7 Midcentury Modern Living Rooms We Found on Instagram

Sarah Sherman Samuel—Midcentury Modern Living Rooms
Tessa Neustadt DESIGN: Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you have yet to watch the celebrated series Mad Men, then don't get upset that we're about to make a not-so-significant spoiler. At one point in the show, the lead character Don Draper moves into a stylish Manhattan apartment complete with a perfect midcentury modern living room. Clearly, such an interior design choice makes sense—the drama takes place over the course of the 1960s. If you love that look, and you don't have time to binge-watch Mad Men, then here's another place to gain inspiration: Instagram.

For the last few years, midcentury design has seen a resurgence in living rooms, whether that's found in the clean lines of straight-back sofas with tapered legs, or spotted in sleek lighting with rounded shades. Its minimalist finish appeals to our current desire to pair down, and its relatively subtle palette complements our ready phrase to inject interiors with "a pop of color." So it's no surprise that midcentury modern living rooms are often showcased on Instagram: Scroll through design categories and you're bound to see them, too.

We collected our seven favorite midcentury modern living rooms on Instagram—and yes, some were found while watching Mad Men—so that you can take some design cues from their stunning composition.

Located in the midcentury mecca of Palm Springs, California and built by one of the design trends most famous developers, Joseph Eichler, this living room embodies the timelessness of this look. The two-tone beams match the clean lines of the custom fireplace, which add a simple layer of texture to the room. 

Smooth finishes and clever twists on shapes are all part of a midcentury modern aesthetic, and this living room embraces those qualities with vibrant color. We especially like that covetable gallery wall, although it can be easily recreated with your own works of art. 

This midcentury living room, which was designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Mandy Moore, has all the makings of a traditional iteration but with with the must-have modern touches of natural light and crisp white walls. 

An Eames chair is synonymous with midcentury modern living rooms, and this one complements its classic black shade by surrounding it with equally moody building materials. 

Here's a more contemporary take on a midcentury modern living room, courtesy of stylist Brooke Testoni. The sleek finishes, round edges, and metal accents fall into the 20th century category, while the black-and-white color palette represent today's tastes. 

Even if you don't want to go full-fledged midcentury modern in your living room, interior designer Emily Henderson makes the case for accents that fall under this aesthetic. Most of the accessories—like the coffee table, side table, and console—all fit within a midcentury modern look, which adds character and texture to the eclectic space. 

The architecture firm behind this midcentury remodel in Seattle stuck to what this design cherishes: wood accents and storage. By enveloping the seating area with shelving, there's enough room for every throwback record the owner could want.