Is Midcentury Modernism Over?

There’s no denying it: Midcentury modernism is everywhere—at the flea market, at that new hotel that just opened, at nearly every high-street home décor retailer. No matter where you are, you’ll likely be able to spot some trace of the aesthetic movement, whether it’s a tapered wooden leg or an atomic-age light fixture.

And we completely get it—the slender shapes, simple lines, and organic materials are utterly versatile yet still striking. Some midcentury-modern pieces may even be timeless. But something is making our eyes wander in search of the next look. We are feeling tired of those leather Eames loungers, wooden Danish armchairs, and their contemporaries. Will we get over it and eventually fall back in love? It’s entirely possible. But maybe midcentury modernism is on its way out for good—what do you think? To help parse the difficult questions presented by suddenly feeling weary of this truly beloved period, we consulted some design industry insiders. Read on.