Donald Trump's Running Mate Doesn't Want Women to Work

Mike Pence is the governor of Indiana and Donald Trump's official running mate. Some factoids you should know of the presumptive VP nominee? He harbors an intense dislike of the Disney movie Mulan for promoting the idea of women in the military, and he believes that working mothers are a hazard to their children's lives.

"For years, we have gotten the message from the mouthpieces of the popular culture that you can have it all, career, kids and a two-car garage. The numbers in this federally funded study argue that the converse is true. Sure, you can have it all, but your day-care kids get the short end of the emotional stick," wrote Pence in a 1997 letter to the editor of the Indianapolis Star.

"I am criticizing a culture that has sold the big lie that 'Mom doesn't matter,'" he added, alleging that America will "settle for another generation of adults with good language and cognitive skills but stunted emotional growth," should we fail to make a policy change. "Let's take these findings and put families first again."

While Pence's statements are nearly a decade old, his rhetoric seems to fall in line with Trump's ideal household arrangement as spoken in an interview with ABC News in 1994. "I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. If you're in business for yourself, I really think it's a bad idea. I think that was the single greatest cause of what happened to my marriage with Ivana," Trump said in reference to his divorce from his first wife.

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