Mouthwatering Milkshakes to Celebrate the End of Summer

Basking in the final waves of summer heat is reason enough to indulge in a decadent beverage situation. Ice cream aficionados, this one's for you. We've lined up the most outrageously indulgent milkshake recipes to keep you cool. These crazy photogenic concoctions blew up on Pinterest. No surprise seeing as the inventive recipes feature everything from homemade cookie toppings to boozy twists on classic combinations. Why wouldn't S'mores need spiking? Are we right?

If you're hosting an end-of-summer block party, consider adding the classic dessert to your list of easy hosting options. Super simple to prepare in bulk, milkshakes make the perfect one-stop dessert for group hangs. Consider substituting dairy ice cream with almond or coconut milk alternatives to make each recipe vegan or lactose-free. Chock-full of color and undeniably fun, these artful grown-up milkshakes will make you feel like a kid again. We'll be needing two straws.

Which recipe is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.