What’s Behind Our Food Obsession?

Have you ever thought about what your present self would think of the lunch food served at your middle school? We hadn’t until reading Joe Pinkser’s article “Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food” in The Atlantic. But now that we think about, there is no way we’d be satisfied with mystery-meat chili served in Styrofoam bowls with cheddar cheese. Now, we’re all about the organic vegetable chili served with cashew cheese in a ceramic bowl or, at the very least, a biodegradable takeaway container. So what provoked this obsession that has propelled Pinterest and Instagram, created the art of food styling, and scheduled our social calendar around the best eats in town?

Eve Turow, author of A Taste of Generation Yum, thinks it comes down to sensory deprivation. Food provides the sensory experience we are all lacking in this digital-first world. Turow articulates how food not only serves as visual inspiration for our Pinterest boards, but also engages all of the senses and brings people together in a physical space.

Turow also comments on how people still enjoy solitary cooking and eating. Why? “A part of it is that one pleasure of cooking comes from breaking something down, feeling like you’re in control. We live in a time where we’re really not in control of very much. … Food is something you can break down. You can understand it, so you can have control over the final product.”

Check out Turow’s full interview on The Atlantic.

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