The Surprising Attitude That's Holding You Back at Work

An internet novella is written about our generation nearly every other day—whether about our nontraditional marital habits or our attitude toward potatoes (yes, really). But one of the solidified narratives surrounding the millennial generation has always been our supposed entitlement, especially at work. In fact, Business Insider just identified this attitude as one of the top five habits standing in the way of career advancement for your professionals.

"Research shows entitlement is linked with 'negative workplace behaviors.' An entitled attitude is a huge reason why so many employees and entrepreneurs struggle to advance in their careers. No one owes you anything, especially an employer. If anything, an employee owes it to their employer to deliver talent, skills, and knowledge to achieve the organization's objectives," writes BI.

"As most managers and executives will tell you, if you expect people to advance you or to do things for you at work, that negative behavior will get you nowhere fast. Instead, if you are grateful for and gracious about what you have, you will most likely be rewarded for your positive attitude." Entitlement aside, BI also identified gossiping, a lack of motivation, a "can't do" attitude, and a lack of accountability as the four remaining attitudinal roadblocks for young people.

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