The One Thing Millennial Home Buyers Value Most

Being ready, both financially and emotionally, to embark on the life milestone of buying one's first home was once the primary factor of shacking up and moving to the 'burbs. Turns out, it may not be so anymore. A new survey from Pardee Homes and Builder Magazine in association with the Responsive Home project shed light on five interesting facts about home buyers aged 25 to 34. Scroll to read them now.

  • Millennials named "desire to have outdoor space" as the most driving reason to purchase a home.
  • More than half of millennials surveyed are eager for a suburban lifestyle.
  • Millennials are four times more likely to opt for more space over living in a populated community.
  • Urban benefits, such as being within walking distance to parks, grocery stores, schools, and work remain a high priority.
  • 71% of millennials surveyed place personalization among important home features.
  • About 25% of those surveyed suggested they would be interested in renting out a space in their home to generate income.


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