12 Things to Buy From Urban Outfitters Right Now

Millennials, listen up. We’re guessing there’s a chance you’d rather spend your hard-earned dough on things like travel, concert tickets, or plain-old rent. If you’re short on cash or just allocating your disposable income to endeavors that don’t involve aspiration accent chairs, we’ve got a few easy home essentials that will still have your place looking and feeling like a palace. Your environment is important. Curating an adult abode is an art form, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank.

We culled our favorite apartment upgrades from Urban Outfitters to bring you a one-way ticket (and one-stop shop) to adulting in style. These simple investment pieces promise to take your living experience up a notch. They’re also items you’ll have for years down the road. From building out a vinyl library to turning your bathroom into a five-star hotel, these small additions make a big impression.