Millennials Will Work Longer Than Any Generation

It's no secret that as a society, we're rather obsessed with working. And though millennials as a whole tend to get branded as being lazy/entitled/insert negative descriptor, a new study out of Boston College suggests that this very same generation will likely work later into life than any previous age group.

The study predicted that for individuals born between 1955 and 1987, the age at which they will retire will rise by about a year, bringing the average closer to 62 years old. Findings suggest that a decrease in retirement benefits, including pensions, retiree health insurance, and Social Security, will continue to push the average age of retirement. The reasoning is that increased savings during active work years and extra Social Security benefits accrued will make a typical worker feel more inclined to simply work longer.

All the more reason to start saving money now so you can see to that epic travel bucket list we know you're keeping a close watch on.

What age do you think someone should aim to retire by? Share your thoughts below!