Why Millennials Don’t Make Phone Calls

When was the last time you called someone? More importantly, when was the last time someone called you and you actually picked up? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. According to Inc., “texting has overtaken calling as the most popular mobile function across all generations, with Millennial women using SMS three times more often than calling.” Since 2007, texting has been the preferred method of mobile contact for Millennials. In the story Ryan Jenkins explains that the reason young people don’t answer their phones is because they see phone calls as unproductive. He also lists five more reasons as to why millennials don’t do phone calls. Here they are. 

  1. They are distracting. A phone call can draw you away from a conversation or disrupt a meeting. Texting allows users to respond at their own convenience.
  2. Phone calls are presumptuous. “Calls presume that the person you are calling should drop everything and adhere to your agenda,” says Jenkins. Millennials like texting because there is no real-time pressure to answer.
  3. Calls are superfluous. During a call a lot of beating around the bush might be had, but a text is straight forward and to the point.
  4. They are ineffective. Missed calls result in phone tag—and no body likes playing that game.
  5. Calls are time-consuming. A text can be read and dealt with in three minutes or less. With a call, you’ve barely said your small talk salutations in three minutes. 

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Do you make or take phone calls?