The Surprising Place More Milllennials Are Calling Home

Here’s a fact that may shock you: More young women are living at home with their parents today than they did in 1940. Time is reporting on new data that shows that a third of millennial women and almost half of millennial men are living with their parents. Economic factors, increased college education, and later marriages are some of the reasons why young people between the ages of 18-34 are choosing to stay at home. College students are more likely to live with mom and dad than young adults who don’t go to college. The steep costs of a higher education are to blame. The research does not take into account the unbelievable rents in many major cities, but this surely must effect some millennials' decision to remain in the nest. There should be no shame in living at home with your parents: I’m not afraid to admit that I lived with mine for two years, starting when I was 24. This time period helped me save money, figure out what I really wanted to do with my life, and reconnect with my mother and father. 

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Have you lived at home with your parents? Do you live with them now?