The Best Quotes From Million Dollar Decorators' Big LA Event

During La Cienega Design Quarter's Legends Week last week in LA, Million Dollar Decorators stars Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Nathan Turner, and Jeffrey Alan Marks reunited for a panel, "Don't Hate, Collaborate," at chic homewares showroom Dragonette to discuss how they work with their design colleagues and enlist a talented team of artisans and craftsmen around the globe. With this personable bunch, the conversation of course was lively and full of fun sound bites. Here are some of our favorite moments from the event: _1 On the importance of building long-lasting relationships: "There's a shorthand that you have with them, and they just get it, and they know right off the bat." _2 On dealing with custom work gone wrong: "The biggest thing that sets a decorator apart is how one handles the mistake so it's so important to have a really good team behind you." On leading clients in the right direction: "It's so intimate. And I always have to remember that and remind certain people that they hired me for a reason. Every single time that something didn't turn out to my liking it was because I let them take over. And it's often because the client doesn't see the big picture. They don't understand that the color on this chair connects to this over here...So there has to be a huge amount of trust there." _4 On collaborating with architects: "A house is like a face if you've got good bone structure to begin with, you need a little bit of makeup. If you don't, you need plastic surgery." On getting to know your clients: Obviously your relationship with your client is so personal. I mean you end up knowing what they've got in their underwear drawers. And the reality is you have to really respect their wishes and their budgets." _3 On her first big break: "I started with Steve Martin. He was my first client. I had three years of bliss with a man who had extremely good taste -- and a lot of money." On client relationships that don't work out: "The worst events I've had with clients is when they don't listen to you and they fight with you. And that's when you say goodbye." Photographs: JL Photographers