We're Calling It: A $95 Dutch Oven Is the Le Creuset for Millennials

Milo Cookware

Le Creuset has long been the gold standard in high-quality bakeware—specifically when it comes to its most iconic product: the Dutch oven. However, the brand's historically steep prices are enough to deter many buyers from taking the plunge and investing in the wares. Enter Milo, the cast-iron pot company offering chic cookware at an affordable price.

High-Quality at an Affordable Price Tag

By working directly with some of the world's finest factories, the brand is able to provide premium kitchenwares at a fraction of the cost you'll find at other retailers. Its French-inspired Dutch ovens are designed for both novice chefs and budding gourmands, meant for doing everything from boiling water to baking fresh bread. Milo can handle up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which means you can easily nail those tricky recipes that require you to use both the stovetop and oven. Dishwasher-safe, made with non-stick glassy enamel, and available for under $100, it's a purchase that even a cash-strapped millennial can get behind. Pick from two color options (black and white), eliminating hours spent otherwise agonizing over a multi-hue shade palette. And much like other reputable cookware brands, Milo offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

Milo Cookware

Milo Dutch Ovens: A Crowd Pleaser

Don't just take our word for it—a quick scan of the reviews indicate that the product is well worth the buy. "Bought the Milo to replace my $500 Le Creuset. Besides a few cost-saving design differences, they perform almost identically… never going back," one customer writes. "This Dutch oven is beautiful, and the quality compares to those costing three times as much," another boasts. 

Snag the Complete Milo Cookware Collection 

While the brand is best known for its 5.5-quart Dutch oven, they also recently added a 10-inch skillet that comes with a stick-resistant enamel on the cooking surface that makes cleaning breezy and a smaller, 3.5-quart Dutch oven ideal for every day cooking. Here's another cool feature: The 5.5-quart Dutch oven lid fits perfectly on the skillet, making the combo particularly practical. And if you're keen on nabbing all three kitchen essentials, Milo also offers them as a set for a little less than what you would pay for each piece individually.

Shop the affordable cooking essentials below to try it out for yourself.

Milo Dutch Oven in White $120

The Instagram-approved cast-iron Dutch oven is designed to compete with big brands like Le Crueset but at one-third the price.

Milo Ultimate Skillet
Milo Ultimate Skillet $65

"I really like my Milo skillet; it heats evenly and is easy to clean!" one happy customer reports.

Milo Small Dutch Oven
Milo Small Dutch Oven $75

Ideal for everyday cooking, the slightly lighter weight makes hoisting it from stovetop to dinner table just a wee bit easier.

Milo 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set
Milo 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set $225

The bundle from Milo is great value for money and an easy way to outfit your kitchen in matching cookware.

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