I Hired a Digital Stylist to Redesign My Home—Here’s the Result

It’s so true that once you hit a certain age, your shopping priorities start to shift. I care less and less about adding another piece of clothing to my wardrobe, and more about light fixtures and dining tables. I’m pining after chairs and paint colours, and my Instagram feed is full of interiors shots over selfies.

I recently wrote about a newly-launched service, Milray Park, that offers a digital interior stylist, matched to your personal style and vibe that you can work with to re-do either certain rooms of your house, or your entire home.

Having recently purchased a new house and needing some direction on where to start to make it feel more like home, my husband and I put the service to use and embarked on our own digital interior design experience.

Before you read any further, take a minute to read all about how the service works.

To kick-off the process was easy. We created an account in Milray Park and teamed up with an interior stylist that matched both our styles and vibe. From there, we “set up” each room of the house within our profile. Adding pictures of what each room currently looked like, a detailed explanation of how we want the room to look and feel, what pieces we’d like to add, what we already have that will work, a floor plan of the space, budget for each room, and a link to the Pinterest inspiration boards we created for every space in the house.

I already spend way too much time with my inbox, and was worried throwing another email chain into the mix would be more inconvenient than the convenience I was looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised.

From a user perspective, you can be as involved in the process as you like. I chose to give our interior designer, Agnes Sweijer as much detail as possible in the initial consultation phase in order to cut down the back and forth. Essentially what we wanted from the service was for Agnes to source pieces that matched the vibe we wanted to achieve, within our budget.

The interior space is not one I am an expert in when it comes to actually buying furniture. I love to moodboard and educate myself on different eras of design, but it’s not like I’m shopping a new couch each season like I would a pair of jeans. Thus, I needed an expert to tell me where to shop.

Within a few weeks of our initial brief, Agnes delivered a moodboard of each room of the house, with what pieces we should buy and the costing next to each one. It was easy to see at first glance whether it was something we could realistically achieve, without falling in love with a vision only to discover its way beyond our price range.

We had one round of feedback where I went to Agnes on email asking for a few edits—a different light here, another coffee table option there. It was pain-free, simple, and fast.

Once we decided on our final design for each room, a “package” is generated with a moodboard. It's available to view in the Milray Park account with links to shop each piece recommended. The service also lines up discounts at the various retailers, and Milray Park can organise for everything to be shipped to you at the same time. So you won’t miss a single delivery (nothing worse than receiving a card and having to arrange re-delivery).

We’re on our final stage now, and just need to find some extra funds to start our shopping spree. But with a detailed list and where to start, I feel much more confident dropping our hard-earned money.

Keep reading to peep our final mood boards, to get an idea of how your final package is presented.

Milray Park


Milray Park


Milray Park


Milray Park


Milray Park


Opening image: Nadia Rosa

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