4 Reasons Having Fewer Possessions Will Make You Happier

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Earlier this year, my sister went on a massive purge. After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, she looked at every item in her life, from clothing to books to kitchen utensils, and asked herself, “Does this bring me joy?” If she answered no, she got rid of the offending thing. I was shocked by how much stuff she threw away. When I saw an article on Bustle that highlighted why having less is really more, I couldn’t help but click to read the story. According to author Brianna Wiest, having fewer possessions and being an actual minimalist will make you a happier person. Here’s why.

  1. You learn to love what doesn’t cost much: things that are purposeful or meaningful. “If your space consists of anything but what is useful or meaningful, you're actively holding yourself back,” Wiest says. Get rid of what doesn’t matter and you will be able to focus on more than just stuff.
  2. You realize that things don’t make you a different person. “To realize that things don't make you different is at the same time to begin to focus on what does: where you place your attention and your intention, and how much you open your heart to the people and experiences life offers up.” Having a new car won’t change your personality; it just means you have a better car.
  3. You spend less on things that don’t matter to fund the things that do. “Rather than living, you're just consuming, solely because you think you're 'supposed to,' Wiest explains. If you stop buying things you don’t really need, you can save to go on that life-changing African safari.
  4. Things hold energy, especially things you buy for negative reasons. “Things elicit feelings. They spark memories. They recreate the feelings you had when you got them over and over again. Keep things in your space that you want to fuel your life, not distract you from it.” If there is anything that brings up negative feelings, get rid of it.

Keep your important, meaningful objects in a beautiful trunk that sparks joy when you look at it.

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