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30 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You to Declutter

minimal bedroom

Design: Sara Tramp for EHD, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

When life gets busy, it's easy to let your bedroom décor fall to the wayside. Things pile up in corners, creating unnecessary clutter; bedding ages and fades; and furniture pieces get bumped and scratched—or simply stop serving the storage purposes you once needed. Luckily, it doesn't take much to get your bedroom back to a state of pure relaxation. All you need is a little decluttering and minimalist style inspiration.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a design style characterized by a less-is-more, simple approach devoid of ornamentation. It's highly reductive, focusing on incorporating only the essential and necessary elements and getting rid of excess (i.e., decluttering).

So what exactly do you need to achieve the minimalist bedroom look? A healthy Marie Kondo-inspired organization session, followed by a bedding refresh, a few thoughtful accessories, and maybe a light coat of paint. Ready to give your space the update it needs to help you relax after a long day? Take some of these 30 minimalist bedroom ideas and apply them to your own room.

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Stick to a Neutral Palette

Minimalist bedroom with neutral color palette
Courtesy of Tali Roth

If you're trying to find the best place to start with minimalism, your color scheme is something to keep in mind. Keep your color palette to a few muted shades and touches of white for a soothing space. Pattern and texture are encouraged, though try to keep décor items within the same color family.

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Layer Your Lighting

Minimalist bedroom with large pink, painted accent circle on wall
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

Lighting design is essential when creating this style. Layer your lighting with a mix of overhead and wall fixtures. A woven pendant will cast an eye-catching glow on your space, and table lamps offer focused illumination where you need it.

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Make Your Bed Minimally

Minimalist bedroom with undone bed and hanging sculptural globe pendant light
Courtesy of Robson Rak

No need to go overboard with your bedding–it's best to keep things simple. White linen sheets and a wool throw are just what you need to achieve the minimalist look. When in doubt, choose a low-slung platform bed to make your space feel zen.

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Opt for Modern Channel Tufting

Minimalist bedroom with channel tufted headboard and bedframe
Courtesy of Studio DB

Headboards can occasionally be clunky and take up too much space without adding to the style. Opt for a channel tufting instead of a traditional upholstered headboard for a modern take on cushioned bedframes. It'll add texture to an otherwise neutral vibe.

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Go Entirely Monochrome

Minimalist bedroom with monochrome gray colors
Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design

White isn't the only color option to achieve a minimal mindset. Keep your room in monochrome shades of gray to make your space feel as relaxing as possible. Choose a warm gray to soften the room.

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Mix Cool and Warm Tones

Minimalist bedroom mixes warm and cool tones
Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design

Subtle tone pairings can be a perfect solution to inspire interest. Create tension between cool and warm neutral tones by juxtaposing blue-grays with tan and camel hues. In this space, a singular piece of wire furniture adds visual interest without being overwhelming.

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Try the Unmade Bed Look

Bedroom with gray walls and layered linen bedding


Relaxation is an important aspect when decorating in a minimalist way. Embrace the undone bedding look by choosing prewashed linens and cotton throws that look great when wrinkled. Plus, one lived-in component will avoid the dreaded showroom look.

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Try an All-White Palette

Minimal Bedrooms
Courtesy of Space Exploration

Choosing an all-white color scheme is one of the most common tells of a minimalist bedroom. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. Layer tone-on-tone textures, like bedding, pillows, throws, and rugs all in shades of white.

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Keep Furniture Low to the Ground

Minimal Bedroom Ideas
Courtesy of Space Exploration

The more space you can showcase, the better. A great option is to choose low-slung furniture to create the impression of high ceilings. This strategy is beneficial if your bed is also positioned closer to the ground for cohesiveness.

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Add Paper Lanterns

Minimalist bedroom with indigo accents and a paper lantern

 Philippe Le Berre, Stylist: Aiko Ito for IKEA

Selecting the right lighting can be difficult. To keep the atmosphere serene, paper lanterns and shades are the way to go. They give off a light and airy feel and will cast a soft glow on your bedroom that will lull you to sleep.

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Keep Nightstands Neat

Minimalist bedroom with nightstand vignette

Katie Hodges Design 

Organization plays a key role in minimalism–but that doesn't mean you have to get rid of everything you own. Keep a small tray or bowl on your nightstand to corral all your jewelry and keep clutter at bay. You can also group them with a few other decorative items to create a vignette.

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Have Fun With Paint

Minimalist bedroom with deep navy wall and blue striped bedding

 Tim Young for Secret Linen Store

Minimal doesn't always have to be shades of gray and white. The moody painted walls pictured mesh well with the simplicity of the rest of the room. Just keep in mind that similar hues are the best bet when going with color.

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Anchor the Room with a Large Rug

Minimalist bedroom features large rug

 Alexandra Rowley; Design: Studio DB

If you're unsure of how to tie a room together, go with a large rug. When everything else remains sparse, a rug can serve as a focal point for the room. Your best bet is to stick with neutral colors and simple patterns.

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Decorate with Simple Black Accents

Minimalist bedroom with simple black accents

 Lina Ikse, Stylist: Emily Henson for IKEA

Pops of dramatic color can be impactful without losing the qualities of a minimalist-designed bedroom. A nightstand and matching headboard mesh well here and serve as a perfect backdrop to this pastel-colored lamp. However, be sure to keep the accents to a minimum–you don't want too many competing for attention.

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Keep Bedding Simple

Minimalist bedroom with printed rug and red throw

Mike Garten, Design: Studio DB 

No need to pile your bed with dozens of pillows and covers you don't plan on using. Style your bed simply with one accent pillow and a blanket covering the foot of your bed. Too many accessories may disturb the harmony of the space.

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Be Consistent with Lighting

Minimalist bedroom with hanging lamps and a natural rug


Keep a consistent thread between your lighting fixtures, like brass and white features, to tie the room together. Alternatively, stick to similar shapes, like the lighting pictured here. Consistency is key when you're decorating minimally.

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Add a Dose of Glamour

Minimalist bedroom with brass accents

 Little Greene 

Fewer items don't have to mean plain and boring. Make your space sparkle with just a few brass accents in your curtain hardware or lighting. Here, a slim brass table lamp rounds out a muted vignette.

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Add a Midcentury Modern Chair

Bedroom with platform bed and corner chair


Less is more, yet not at the expense of function and necessity. A chair can serve many purposes beyond seating; use it for storage or to create a defined area in your room, like a dressing corner. Choosing a style like midcentury modern offers possibilities that are simple, stunning, and understated.

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Choose a Simple Rug with a Hint of Sheen

Minimalist bedroom with blue and gray accents


Choose a large solid-colored rug with a subtle sheen. It's just soft enough and doesn't clutter the space visually. Given minimalism's love of comfort and simplicity, it's an ideal choice.

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Add Texture Instead of Art

Minimalist bedroom with shiplap walls and dusty rose bedding

 Tim Young for Secret Linen Store

It's easy to want to cover empty walls with various items so it doesn't look bland. Keep your walls bare, but add texture instead, like a plaster finish or a shiplap wall. Additionally, express texture through your bedding or accent pieces.

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Bring the Outside In

Minimalist bedroom with forest green walls and single hanging pendant light

 Tim Young for Secret Linen Store

With some sculptural greenery in a pot, planter, or vase, add calm and a closer connection to the natural world. Try to avoid prickly or pointy plants, however. According to feng shui, these plants give off overstimulating or "spiky" energy.

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Blend Black and White to Create Contrast

bedroom with white and black triangle pattern blanket, plants on both bedside tables, gray shag rug, wicker basket barrying clothes

Arbor & Co.

An easy way to bring intrigue into your bedroom is to create contrast. Black and white work well to balance each other without causing chaos. Try a simple blanket on the bed to achieve the goal without going overboard.

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Use Collections as Wall Dećor

bedroom with white and gray bed, woven brown rug, four hats hanging on the wall

Arbor & Co.

A great trick for this style is to use what you have on hand to decorate rather than buying additional items you don't need. If you have a small collection of items you can't part with, turn them into wall dećor. The photo above showcases four stylish hats–it's both aesthetically pleasing and works as functional storage.

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Use Light Wood

Bedroom with light wooden accent wall, wooden bed frame, white comforter with single brown and blue decorative pillow, thick black curtains pulled to the side serving as room dividers

Arbor & Co.

There are plenty of natural accents to use, but none are quite as synonymous with minimalism as light wood. From accent furniture, floating shelves, or even an accent wall, light wood creates texture while still maintaining a calm vibe. Pair with white walls for a traditional option.

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Play with Scale and Symmetry

minimalist bedroom with white walls, white paper lantern, light blue comforter, tan and blue decorative pillows, modern table lamps, one abstract framed wall art hanging over the bed

Coco Lapine Designs

Minimalism doesn't require perfect balance and exact replicas–just thoughtful design. Choosing two simple bedside table lamps that are entirely different yet still neutral is a fun way to express yourself. You can also create intrigue by hanging one simple piece of art off-center above your bed.

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Make the Most of Awkward Spaces

coastal style minimalist room with built in desk on the right, net hanging on wall above bed

Julian Porcino

If your room has awkward spaces or nooks, take advantage of them. Whether it's converting into a bookshelf, or a simple desk like the room pictured here, make good use of the space you have available.

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Invest in Double Duty Furniture

neutral minimalist bedroom with patterned accent wall, besides table that doubles as shelves, window with no curtains

Charlie Coull Designs

Both aesthetics and functionality play a vital role in minimalism. Try to include furniture that serves more than one purpose, like the nightstands above. They serve as a table, shelf, and storage option all in one that still looks sleek and stunning.

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Create an Open Concept Layout

minimalist bedroom with mostly white color scheme, open layout

Calimia Home

Instead of focusing on the objects, take a moment to look at how they are arranged. Move your furniture and items to create an open concept layout as much as you possibly can. The most open space you can see, the better.

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Let the Natural Light In

minimalist bedroom, all white walls, white bedspread, 3 decorative pillows, one black framed window with no curtains

Julian Porcinio

Lighting options are important, but don't forget about natural light. While much of this depends on your access, don't cover up windows with dark or heavy fabrics. Bare windows are the ultimate minimalist move, but choose sheer curtains if you still want to have some privacy.

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Try All Black

entirely black and gray minimalist bedroom

onurdongel via Getty Images

Though it might seem odd, minimalism doesn't require things to be entirely white or light-colored. This sophisticated bedroom chose a black color scheme that manages to be calming and simple yet striking in its own right. If you want to try a dark color palette, ensure things are as monochromatic as possible.

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