A Minimalist Closet Can Be a Reality If You Follow These 3 Organizational Steps

If we've learned anything from the popularity of Mario Kondo, it's that there's a sort of freedom in minimalism. Without our stacked collections of stuff, our minds no longer have to deal with the latent stress of clutter. At least, that's the idea. But plenty of us has also found solace in simply stuffing our possessions in closets and shutting the door. In theory, that also works, right?

Well, it does, but it also doesn't solve the bigger problem. Even if you're not a Kondo devotee, there's still something to be said about a minimal closet. Aside from the magical power of peace of mind, there's also the simple convenience of functionality. "Having less clutter in your space makes finding things easier," says Megan Garcia, design consultant, and sales manager at California Closets. "We've all been told to keep things simple, but it really is so true."

Call it what you want—the Kondo effect, pairing down, or whatever else will get you to clear out unused items—but this trend toward minimalism can have its daily benefits. We asked Garcia for more details on how to create and maintain a minimal closet, and her advice should take no more than a weekend to complete. From clearing out clothes you no longer wear to outfitting shelves with organizational tricks to keep them neat, these tips should give you a closet that's so clean, you'll have the freedom to leave the door open.