This Popular Design Trend Is the Secret to Creating a Happy (and Chic) Home

There's a reason the minimalist trend has been so popular among interior designers and design enthusiasts alike for so long. Yes, minimal interiors are aesthetically pleasing (not to mention seriously pinnable), but beyond their good looks, they have major benefits on our health and happiness too. (Science has proven that physical clutter can lead to stress and depression, especially in women.) There is something calming about a stripped-back space, which is why former magazine editor and author Natalie Walton wrote This Is Home, an entire book dedicated to the art of simple living.

"For me, simple living is about focusing on what is important in my life at this point in time," Walton tells MyDomaine. "It's about quieting the noise of the world and being authentic to my journey and my story. Right now, it's about focusing on my family's needs." As a mother of four young children under the age of 10, it is important that Walton's home feels safe and nurturing. "Our choice of materials is deliberately calm and subdued. We also celebrate handmade objects and thoughtful design, as I want our children to appreciate that there is value in the handmade and that our choices can help enhance our everyday experience."

It's also important to Walton that they have both a tidy home and one that's free from "too much stuff." She continues, "Partly, this is for environmental reasons, but also the less we have, the more we can focus on what’s really important, and the easier it is to tidy up too—essential for a family of six." Ahead, Walton outlines some of the key reasons we're seeing a cultural shift toward the "less-is-more" lifestyle, along with some key tips on how to create the streamlined look at home.