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22 Minimalist Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Space Shine

Modern taupe and cream kitchen with minimal glass orb pendants and track lighting

Liljencrantz Design

We've been seeing industrial lighting everywhere we go, from our favorite Sunday brunch spot to our Pinterest boards, and it’s heavily inspiring the way we’re illuminating our own homes. Lucky for us (and you), minimalist lighting is having a moment and there's a myriad of structural designs on the web simple enough to integrate into your living space.

There’s something effortlessly charming about this trend in interiors as they become both a functional fixture and sculptural installation. From sconces to lamps, we’ve rounded up 22 rooms with minimalist lighting schemes that will give you a serious light bulb moment when it comes to your sacred space.

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Go Top to Bottom

Modern living room with minimal scones, lamp, and overhead lighting

Amy Bartlam

No matter your style, it's important to include multiple fixtures for adequate lighting in any room. This sleek space checks all the boxes: overhead, accent, and task lighting. Plenty of minimal fixtures to go around.

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Bundle Up

Modern living room with traditional architecture and minimal bulb lighting

Bespoke Only

In an effort to streamline, minimalist light fixtures sometimes forego functional features like multiple bulbs. Keep the simplicity but boost your lighting power by grouping fixtures together, like the pendants in this eclectic living room. We love how decorative crystal bulbs tie in with the traditional architecture of the room.

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Complete the Kitchen

Modern taupe and cream kitchen with minimal glass orb pendants

Liljencrantz Design

Thankfully, the days of big, bulky fluorescent lightboxes in the kitchen are long behind us, and in their place, we've seen everything from recessed to track to pendant lighting, all of which have a place in any minimalist kitchen. Here, white track lights blend into the ceiling, and glass pendants all but disappear, keeping sightlines clean and visual clutter to a minimum.

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Keep It Classic

Classic living room corner with chair and Serge Mouille-style lamp

Katie Hackworth

The iconic Serge Mouille-style lamp seen here was first produced in the 1950s and has seen a major resurgence in the last few years. We've noticed them absolutely everywhere, and that's not really surprising considering it combines elements from three very hot design styles right now: Mid-Century Modern, industrial, and minimal. We love how it looks styled with more traditional furniture in this cozy living room.

Serge Mouille three-arm lamp
Interior Icons Mouille Floor $998.00 $699.00
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Line Them Up

Modern hallway with mural wall, wood ceiling, and minimal globe lights

Laura Brophy Interiors

Sometimes multiple fixtures are required for practical reasons. Keep things streamlined by installing matching lights in a straight line like in this clean hallway. Here, glass fixtures were an optimal choice to minimize visual weight and keep the focus on a calming mural wall and statement ceiling.

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Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Modern kitchen with vintage style minimal pendant lights

Laquita Tate

These modern suspension pendants have us in awe of their simplistic, vintage influence. If your home is intentionally barebones, this is the finishing touch that will brighten the open floor plan and show off your keen eye for style, with a subtle vintage flair.

Gold and black minimal pendant light
Lambert & Fils Dot Suspension Pendant $435.00
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Go Back to Basics

Modern vanity with subway tile and minimal bulb sconces

Mary Patton Design

You can't get much simpler than the bare-bulb sconces in this modern bathroom. Despite that, they completely pop against a subway tile wall and provide chic contrast with the luxe vanity. You could also replace the bulbs in here with a flick of the wrist, literally, so that's a bonus.

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Take the Traditional Route

Modern traditional entryway with minimal sconces

Amy Bartlam

Though minimalism is a fairly modern concept, minimal elements work beautifully with every design aesthetic, even traditional. Take this entryway: Minimal sconces with graceful curves flank a classical black sideboard sporting brass hardware and simple styling, resulting in an updated take on traditional that we're just crazy about.

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Shape Up

Sleek stone kitchen with minimal overhead light fixture

Laura Brophy Interiors

Clean lines and geometric shapes are popular features of modern minimalism, so it probably isn't surprising to see them here. The sleek chandelier in this kitchen incorporates both with its semi-circle and linear arm design. White globe bulbs repeat the circle pattern and subtly tie in with white and gray marble throughout the space.

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Round It Out

Mid-Century Modern style kitchen with white globe light fixtures

Sarah Fultz Interiors

When in doubt, simple globe fixtures are always in style and rarely let you down. They're also highly customizable to your space: metal color, glass finish, bulb style, and globe size all vary across the market, so have fun determining what works best in your space.

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See Through Colored Glass

Modern traditional bedroom with minimal amber globe ceiling light

Katie Hackworth

A tinted glass globe like the one in this cozy bedroom is a simple, ambient statement fixture that blends into your home seamlessly. Its subtle hue warms surroundings and makes the perfect addition to pretty much any room in the house.

Customize the look of clear fixtures with a style of bulb that strikes your fancy, vintage or otherwise.

Smoked glass minimal pendant light
IKEA Jakobsbyn / Jällby Pendant Lamp $40.00
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Branch Out

Modern dining area with minimal sputnik chandelier

Jenn Pablo Studio

Perhaps inspired by sputnik chandeliers and the revival of Mid-Century Modern style in the last few years, it seems like we've seen these branch-style chandeliers everywhere lately. They're undoubtedly a more minimal take on Space Age fixtures with their organic, molecular look—perfect for inspiring low-key vintage vibes.

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Plug In

Light, fresh bedroom with minimal bulb lamps

Devon Grace Interiors

It's not just hardwired fixtures that come in minimalist designs—plenty of lamps and other plug-in lights can be found in simpler styles, too. This modern bedroom utilizes table lamps designed with only the most basic elements: a lightbulb, black pipe, and a base. We love how it brings an industrial vibe to the light and airy space.

Minimal black table lamp
CB2 Arc Black Table Lamp $80.00
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Reflect on It

Sleek modern bedroom with minimal overhead lights

Liljencrantz Design

Given their tiny footprint, these minimal ceiling-mount lights are deceptively effective. A mirror-finish shade reflects light down and out to maximize the output from a single bulb. Do we even need to mention how much more modern and stylish they look than your average "boob light?" Well, we did anyways.

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Size Up

Sleek, minimal dining room with oversized paper globe chandelier

Bespoke Only

If you love a pared-back aesthetic, don't go past the classic round paper pendant. This lampshade is chic yet understated, cool, and effortless. It makes a statement without being overbearing—it's probably why all the cool girls are losing it over this style. For a little extra drama, supersize your pendant.

IKEA Regolit Paper Lamp Shade
IKEA Regolit Pendant Lamp Shade $5.00
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Add an Edge

Minimal wood and black light fixture over modern dining room table

Anne Sage

Minimal lighting can be a great way to introduce another design aesthetic into your space. Here's a take on the artistic rod chandelier where wrapped leather and aged metal add an industrial edge to a neutral Scandinavian meets California cool dining area. Stunning!

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Tie It In

White bedroom with rope and bulb light fixture

Amy Bartlam

Add just a hint of rustic flair to your minimal room with a rope-cord pendant. Not only does it drape beautifully, but you can use knots to keep it in place and add a little something extra. The best part? You could easily DIY this baby on the cheap with a pendant light kit and some rope.

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Get Artsy

Contemporary dining room with minimal gold light fixture

Amy Bartlam

This abstract rod chandelier makes us reconsider everything we’ve ever thought about opulent lighting. Creating a similar effect one feels when standing beneath a Calder mobile, this fixture is more art installation with electric wiring. If your home is art-focused, look no further.

West Elm Light Rods LED Chandelier
West Elm Light Rods LED Chandelier $599.00 $374.00
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Raise the Bar

Modern bathroom with graphic tile and minimal bar vanity lights

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Super modern, super sleek—we love how these bar-style vanity lights add an edgy industrial flavor to this bright white bathroom. The matte black ties back in with the faucets, decor, and tile, but we'd love this fixture in just about any color. Everything here is perfectly proportioned, too, from the lights to the mirror to the vanity. Are you taking notes?

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Pare Down

Modern nightstand with minimal globe table lamp

Cathie Hong Interiors

This barebones table lamp really embraces the spirit of minimalism with just a base and light source. We love how it looks set against a chic abstract wallpaper, though it does leave us with the vague desire to get our fortunes told. We'll pay extra for our future to look anything like this peaceful bedroom.

White globe table lamp with white stone base
EQ3 Bassoon Table Lamp $80.00
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Think Sleek

Modern dining area with sleek gold minimal light fixture

Devon Grace Interiors

Minimal lighting doesn't mean you can't make a statement. On the contrary, oftentimes simpler lighting makes even more of a statement. Case in point: this sleek, wind chime chandelier with integrated bulbs that let the tubes do all the talking. We're dreaming of what this baby looks like all lit up.

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Take It Outside

Minimal entryway with wood door and matte black hardware

The Home Consultant

Good lighting isn’t just for inside—it's common practice among Feng Shui followers to be very conscious about the lighting on the facade of your front door. It’s the first thing that welcomes visitors to your home, after all. This stunning matte black wall sconce adds a sophisticated reception to your doorstep.

2-bulb matte black minimal outdoor sconce
Rozella 2-Light Outdoor Armed Sconce $70.00