9 Minimalist Living Rooms That Will Inspire Your Spring-Cleaning Efforts

Updated 03/13/18

When decorating, it can be easy to get caught carefully curating décor and crafting a cohesive color palette that the end result can feel overwhelming. Yet oftentimes the most striking interior design is determined not by what's there but what isn't. This is especially the case with living spaces where we have a tendency to overfill with various items we've picked up in our lifetime. Minimalist living rooms are the perfect example of where restraint demonstrates great rewards. A strict edit, clean lines, purposeful color, and plenty of open space make the impact of every element even greater.

If you're a lover of streamlined design, you'll be inspired by these minimalistic living rooms that are a perfected study of pared-back style.

Minimalist Living Room Décor
Brittany Ambridge

While the specific pieces that make up this living space are not necessarily minimalist—the marble coffee table in an organic design and the traditional cast-iron fireplace—they serve as the focal points in the otherwise sparse room and are balanced by complementary furniture in the same color palette and bright white walls.

Minimalist Living Room Design
ACP/Trunk Archive

In an almost all-white minimalist living room, playing with a variety of textures helps break up the monotony while keeping the look clean and cohesive. Here, the sheepskin rug and cashmere throw provide warmth, while the modern chair and glass coffee table give the room a cooler vibe.

Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room
Fantastic Frank

The couch is often the focal point of the living room. Even if you're working in a grayscale palette, choose a sofa that stands out—like this light cream number that pops against its surrounding dark gray tones.

Modern Minimalist Living Room
ACP/Trunk Archive

In a minimalist living room, every piece counts. Carefully curate furniture that doubles as statement pieces, and select one or two bold art pieces that round out the space.

All-White Minimalist Living Room
Alyssa Rosenheck

One of the easiest ways to adopt a minimalist approach is to stick to all white. With the exception of the dark coffee table that grounds the room with a focal point, the bright white elements infuse the space with a clean, airy, and open feel.

Traditional Minimalist Living Room
ACP/Trunk Archive

Accessories and décor elements in other colorways pop against an all-white minimalist living room.

Gray Minimalist Living Room
ACP/Trunk Archive

A similar effect is achieved when working in coordinating gray tones, and yet the vibe is cozier and more modern. Geometric patterns and accents of black and white add more personality to the room.

Minimalist Living Room Furniture
ACP/Trunk Archive

Even if the architecture of the space is traditional, say with classic molding, a streamlined palette and modern furnishings can make for a beautiful minimalist finish.

Colorful Minimalist Living Room
Alyssa Rosenheck

A minimalist living room doesn't mean you have to shy away from color. Pops of bold hues balanced by neutrals can make the space more vibrant.

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