6 Simple Minimalist Tile Ideas That Could Lead to the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Renovating your bathroom (or your kitchen) is one of the most surefire ways to increase the value of your home while also improving your day-to-day living space. It's a win-win, really. But the increase in value is directly related to whether you can create a design that will entice potential buyers once you decide to sell. While there are a ton of decisions to be made during the renovating process—vanities, faucets, shower drains, and more—one of the most consequential decisions is the tile

Whether you're planning to tile only the floor and wet areas or you want to cover your entire walls in it, tiles are impactful in large part because of the surface area they cover. And while a highly ornate tile might be your personal preference, chances are it might not translate to any potential future buyer. If you're looking for minimalist ideas to inspire your next bathroom tile renovation or backsplash upgrade, we rounded up some of our favorite options. Just pick your favorite and get tiling.

Minimalist Tile Ideas — Hexagon Tiles
Courtesy of Kip & Co

Hexagon Tiles

Large hexagon tiles can bring an airy sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen—and the colorway is up to you. Add some life to your space by choosing a bold moss green or go with a classic like stark black. Brands like Clé Tile have a variety of hues to choose from.

Clé Tile Solid Hex Tiles
Clé Tile Solid Hex Tiles $18
Minimalist Tile Ideas — Brickwork Tiles
Courtesy of Amber Interior Design

Brickwork Tiles

In the bathroom or the kitchen, swap a classic subway tile with a slightly more elevated brickworks tile—which has a subtle rustic texture that will give your space depth and character without breaking from the minimal aesthetic.

Waterworks Grove Brickworks Field Tile
Waterworks Grove Brickworks Field Tile $26
Minimalist Tile Ideas — Small Square Tiles
Courtesy of Kip & Co

Stacked Square Tiles

If you're a minimalist who enjoys a bold statement, try the '90s-approved stacked square tile in a smaller one- or two-size. Choose any color, from a simple black or white to a bubblegum pink or navy blue to give your space some punch. Just remember to bring this tile all the way up to the ceiling. 

Tile Giant Victorian Blue
Tile Giant Victorian Blue $1
Minimalist Tile Ideas — Zellige Tiles
Courtesy of Studio DB

Zellige Tiles

For a soft texture and instant sophistication, try the increasingly popular Moroccan Zellige tile in a soft tone like blue-gray or greige. This highly textured glazed terra-cotta tile will give your space patina and visual interest while still feeling minimal enough for pared-back spaces.

Clé Tile Tarnished Silver Zellige Tile
Clé Tile Tarnished Silver Zellige Tile $23 $19
Minimalist Tile Ideas — Penny Round Tiles
Courtesy of Ashe + Leandro

Penny Round Tiles

Want to revive an old classic? Do as designers Ashe + Leandro did in the bathroom above, and opt for a floor made of penny round tiles. A stark black tile paired with black marble is an easy way to make your space feel luxe and elegant. What you'll save on this affordable tile choice you can later splurge on marble and vintage brass accents.

Clé Tile Black Penny Round Tile
Clé Tile Black Penny Round Tile $9
Minimalist Tile Ideas — Stacked Subway Tiles
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Stacked Subway Tiles

Take a note from Sarah Sherman Samuel's playbook, and try colored vertically stacked subway tile—like the designer installed in Mandy Moore's master bath. By displaying the tile differently and choosing a color other than white, the subway tile has an entirely updated and polished look. 

Clé Tile Vintage Jade Solid Encaustic Cement Tile
Clé Tile Vintage Jade Solid Encaustic Cement Tile $18

Next up: All organized people have this in their bathrooms—do you?

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