These Minimalistic Travel Packing Tips Will Convince You to Go Light

Raise your hand if you're an overpacker. While we all want to look chic when traveling—especially when vacation selfies are involved—there's something to be said for being a more conscious packer. After all, no one likes to shlep a monstrously big suitcase around or pay extra baggage fees for an overweight bag. And while we love singing the virtues of traveling with only a carry-on bag, we know it's easier said than done. Mind you, it always starts with the best of intentions—but 12 pairs of shoes later, all common sense is thrown out the window, and your extra-large suitcase is bursting at the seams.

"As a serial overpacker, I can say this with confidence—those extra items you throw in your suitcase because you are convinced you'll wear them to that one place for that one photo… you won't," says Who What Wear Associate Editor Lauren Eggertsen. "Save yourself the extra space and weight in your luggage, and stick to pieces that are versatile. Now, versatile doesn't have to mean boring. Some of the most versatile vacation items can range from a printed wrap skirt to a statement off-the-shoulder top. With the right counterparts, a few standout items can go a long way. A few items I personally would never travel without would be a great pair of vintage Levi's, a white T-shirt, block-heel sandals, sneakers, a statement top, one dress I can dress up or down, and a one-piece swimsuit (which I often will wear as a bodysuit)."

How do you edit down your vacation wardrobe to just a few key pieces? The secret is to pack a variety of separates to mix and match. Forget your large collection of summer dresses—skirts and pants are where it's at. With just a few tops and bottoms, you can create over 16 outfits—and that number gets larger once you add in your shoes. Retire your checked luggage and pack these vacation-worthy separates instead.

And now, four easy airport outfits frequent flyers swear by.