The Minimalist Wall Art That Will Make Any Space Look More Sophisticated

Updated 05/31/18
Minimalist Wall Art
Courtesy of Twyla

It's easy to pick pictural artwork: Photography and paintings representing things and people we can easily recognize have a familiar feel that is, in a sense, easier to digest and understand than abstract art. But if there is one thing we noticed all cool and sophisticated homes have in common, it's a killer art collection—and one that often includes many abstract and minimalist pieces.

Whether it's black and white photography with an abstract crop, a line drawing vaguely representing something familiar, or simply a bright and colorful monochrome piece that simply puts one color and shape at the forefront, minimalistic wall art is surprisingly versatile and will look just as much at home in a light and bright modern environment as it would in a moody and ornate room. Ready to add an air of sophistication to your space? Start by adding this minimalist wall art to your walls.

Guy Dill Chianti Pop Yellow $1995

This cheery abstract drawing will put a pep in your step on your way out the door. 

Hamish Robertson Calcite Signal Series $50

This minimalist triptych series can be purchased individually or together. We love the tone-on-tone close up of these beautiful minerals.

Serkan Ozkaya Spaghetti Chair $1475

It takes a closer look to realize that this minimalistic chair is actually made out of spaghetti. The perfect artwork for pasta lovers.

James Needham Mallorca Wall 3 $480

The photography of James Needham explores the unexpected beauty of urban surroundings. His work is a breathtaking array of angular shapes and colors.

Amelia Konow Black Sun (Blue) $1125

People say not to stare directly at the sun, but they never mentioned not staring at this mystical black sun artwork.

Carla Cascales Alimbau Mar $2600

We picture this oversize minimalist nude drawing to make quite the statement on a large white wall.

Clinton King Prom Blue $1310

This moody indigo abstract piece is both minimalistic and mesmerizing. 

Caroline Denervaud Rencontre V $500

Minimalists who aren't afraid of color will love Caroline Denervaud, who specializes in collage drawings in bold hues like pink, ochre, and royal blue.

Martin Ogolter Untitled (Noctural Sea) $1705

There is something about staring at the sea at night that is mesmerizing and soothing at once. With this piece, you can do this whenever you'd like.

Blake Haygood Just Blowback $2250

Not quite minimalistic in color but more in shape and airiness, this painting by Blake Haygood is meant to represent disorder and unpredictability.

Anna Roberts Water 01 $300

This minimalistic glass of water against a millennial pink backdrop has a beautiful play of light to complement your modern pared-back modern interiors.

Jesus Perea Abstract Composition 709 $495

Add a pop of color to your neutral space with this bright yellow abstract composition by Spanish artist Jesus Perea.

Chad Kouri A Sliding Scale From Black to White $3400

The color-averse will appreciate this abstract geometric composition in five shades of gray by artist Chad Kouri. 

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