21 Stylish Ways to Incorporate Mint Green Into Your Interiors

mint green design ideas

Raili Ca Design

Want to add a pop of color to your home? With a rainbow full of options, choosing the right hue for you is easier said than done. Ideally, you’d want a shade that strikes a balance between bold and soothing, looks good in a variety of spaces, and can withstand the test of time. (And bonus points if the color of your choice is more original than millennial pink—sorry, but someone had to say it.) So, why not try mint?

As a relaxing cross between blue and green, mint can make a statement without upstaging the rest of your space. Plus, with multiple shades and undertones to choose from, mint can be an easy and undeniably elegant addition to any room of the house. But, since decorating with mint is foreign terrain for most, you might be in need of some pointers. A helpful tip to remember? "Stick with mint green on the accent pieces, and a neutral palette otherwise, and you will be sure to create a serene space," says designer Marika Meyer.

Meet the Expert

Marika Meyer is an interior designer and principal designer at Marika Meyer Interiors. She specializes in spaces that are elegant and sophisticated while at the same time being welcoming and livable.

To help you out, we’re sharing 21 genius ways to use mint. From bedrooms, bathrooms, and beyond, consider this proof that mint’s poised to become the next “it” hue.

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Add Mint Tile

mint green design ideas

Dazey Den

Just because your home’s fireplace is invaluable in the colder months doesn’t mean it can’t look good year-round. Danielle Nagel of Dazey Den brought the bohemian spirit to her space by covering the hearth with saturated mint tiles. It’s hard to have one “wow factor” in a colorful room, but Nagel puts the focus on the fireplace by painting the wall above the hearth with a similar hue. Pink mosaic tiles accent the setup, tying the hearth together with the rest of the space.

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Soften Up Contrast

mint green design ideas

Calimia Home

As this kitchen from Calimia Home proves, mint is a great addition to a high-contrast color palette. Here, the mint cabinets make the black-and-white combination feel less severe. This clever color choice warms up the space without upstaging the room’s marble countertop or cool, angular light fixtures. Floating wooden shelves and an antique rug round out the space, taking the kitchen’s cozy vibes up a couple of notches.

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Go Shabby Chic

mint green design ideas

Calimia Home

Or, if you want to bring a touch of mint to the dining room, Gustaf and Monique of Calimia Home created a space that will appeal to all the senses. The duo paired a slightly distressed mint table with a series of geometric wire chairs, each flanked with a faux fur throw. The result? A shabby chic setup that can rival even your most delicious, multi-course meals. (Can’t find a distressed mint table at your local consignment store? You can recreate the look with a fresh coat of paint.)

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Rethink Your Bedding

mint green design ideas

Chelius House of Design

Good news: You don’t have to undergo a complete home makeover to bring a slice of mint green into your home. For interior designer Erin Chelius, it can be as easy as adding some new bedding to your space. If you want to add mint to a completed space, the key is choosing the right shade. This deep mint hue—which could almost be mistaken for teal—brings a sophisticated energy to the dark wood bed frame and orange sheets.

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Create a Power Palette

mint green design idea

Dominique Gebru / Instagram

As this sweet dining nook from writer (and My Domaine contributor) Dominique Gebru proves, opposites attract. In her Washington, D.C., home, she paired two modern mint chairs with Backdrop’s Tanlines, a warm golden yellow. A white suspension lamp and Eero Saarinen-esque table break up the warm and cool tones, creating an effortlessly cool vibe.

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Think Pink

mint green design ideas

Michelle Bordeau

Another design duo to add to your mood board: bubblegum pink and mint. These lighter but just as cheery shades give the classic children’s combination an elevated, adult twist—think of it as a very chic watermelon. We love how Michelle Boudreau packed on the color by pairing two sculptural nightstands with an eye-catching pink accent wall. A rattan bed frame, pegged wall, and dark green accents add a relaxed air to this high-energy color combination.

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Play With Paint

mint green design ideas

Dwell Aware / Instagram

Anyone who wants to bring some mint to their space but isn’t ready to go big with a statement wall should consider adding a painted arch. As one of the coolest design trends around, a painted arch offers a refreshing alternative to a pop of color. In this charming nook, Amanda of Dwell Aware used a light mint with yellow undertones that pop against her plant collection.

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Use Mint as a Neutral

mint green design ideas

Gold a la Mode

Believe it or not, mint green can act as a neutral—you just need to choose the right color. In this dining room from Gold a la Mode, blogger Cara Irwin selects a subtle grayish green that’s so light, you think it’s an off-white. But just because the wall color choice is subtle doesn’t mean it plays second fiddle. Irwin brings out the minty tones with a colorful centerpiece. The result? A versatile room that can evolve with the latest trends. 

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Embrace the Dark Side

mint green design ideas

House 9

Don’t be fooled: Though mint has a fun, spritely reputation, the color has a dark side. If you want to give your space a moody attitude, opt for a dark mint. British-based firm House 9 dials up the drama by covering this built-in bookshelf with a deep mint hue. Paired with a rich red rug and cream furniture, this shade has the same effect as a traditional mint green, but feels at home with this moodier palette.

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Create a Refreshing Palette

mint green design ideas

Sam Nichols

It’s amazing how one piece of furniture can change an entire look and feel of a room. Havenly’s Kyler Karstens brings some energy to this living room by adding two mint chairs to a palette of blush, neutrals, and natural wood tones. Clean lines, a refreshing array of patterns, and organic textures add a sophisticated vibe—not to mention keep the pastel hues from skewing too young.

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Keep Calm and Carry On

mint green design ideas

Morgan Levy

You don’t have to be a color expert to know that blue and green tones are known for being ultra-soothing. So, it’s no surprise mint follows suit. Havenly interior designer Natalie Holzem pays homage to the relaxing vibes of the California coast with soft greens with mint green, blue, and yellow accents. It’s like a beach getaway right in your home!

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Take Color Outdoors

mint green design ideas

House By Polly / Instagram

Mint green can look great in any room of the house—yes, even your outdoor patio. Paula of the popular Instagram Home By Polly brings her Scandinavian, bohemian aesthetic to the great outdoors with a mint green bistro set. By coupling the table and chairs with a black and white printed rug, she’s able to make a statement without taking too much attention away from the beautiful foliage. Mother Nature would certainly approve.

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Beautify With Color-Blocked Walls

mint green design ideas

House of Chais / Instagram

When it comes to choosing a paint color for your walls, why settle for one hue when you can enjoy two? Anthony and Jade of design blog House of Chais got the best of both worlds with their white and mint color-blocked wall. Not only does this design idea create the illusion of wainscoting, but it also creates a happy medium between subtle and statement. If you like the idea of an accent wall but aren’t ready to commit, this is an easy, accessible alternative.

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Create a Kids Corner

mint green design ideas

House of Harvee / Instagram

With a youthful, energetic reputation, mint green seems like an obvious choice for a kid’s room; however, that doesn’t mean the color has to feel juvenile. House of Harvee’s Krystal Giardina gives this children’s space an adult edge with a dark mint dresser. A faux fur rug,  trendy rainbows, and mounds of toys give the room a childish wonder.

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Think Eclectic

mint green design ideas

With Madison AZ / Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, mint green is versatile enough to look good with any interior design style. Take this Southwest-inspired space by Madison Wetter of With Madison AZ. The Realtor-slash-design blogger gave his kitchen a fun, eclectic energy by pairing a printed rug with crisp mint cabinets. Dark countertops, a dark green island, and on-theme cactus put those desert vibes front and center.

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Make a Statement With Small Touches

mint green design ideas

Marika Meyer

If you don’t want to paint your walls or splurge on a new couch, peppering your room with mint accents will make an equally strong statement. “An office may not be the first place you would think of for a mint green palette, but this soft green is super calming and will hopefully keep your stress level low,” explains Meyer. Working from home never looked so good, thanks to the mint drapes, side tables, and throw pillows.

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Wow With a Accent Wall

mint green design ideas

Rikki Snyder

Ready to wow the crowd? Go big or go home with an accent wall a la Rikki Snyder. Admittedly, covering an entire wall in one, bright color can feel a little overwhelming. If you want to walk the line between subtle and statement, add a few floating shelves and fill them with colorful personal touches. We love how this space features warm-colored accessories, allowing the mint green wall to pop without overwhelming the rest of the room.

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Remember: More Is More

mint green design ideas

Rikki Snyder

Calling all maximalists: Mint green might be the new it hue, but that doesn’t mean it can’t play nice with the rest of the rainbow. If you have a “more is more” mentality, pair mint with a vibrant array of reds, yellows, and pinks. The key to mastering this look is pairing colors with the same brightness. In this room from Rikki Snyder, a bright mint pairs nicely with sunny yellow, vibrant red, and hot pink.

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Go Retro

mint green design ideas

Rikki Snyder

If you want to make mint green a permanent fixture in your home, take a look at this cheery kitchen from Rikki Snyder. Instead of opting for colorful cabinets or an eye-catching backsplash, this space makes a big statement with a mint green refrigerator and matching dishwasher. Paired with wooden cabinets and countertops, this kitchen feels retro in all the right ways. (Psst... if you don’t want to pick up a new refrigerator, you can make a statement with a mint-colored toaster or tea kettle.)

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Get Glamorous With Green

mint green design ideas

Timothy Brown

Sorry, Kermit, but this living room from Timothy Brown proves being green isn’t as hard as it’s cracked up to be. Here, the New York-based designer gives this space a tonal touch with a mint couch, verdant area rug, and matching throw pillows. Anchored by a lucite table and gold chandelier, this monochromatic color palette will make you feel like you’re in a lush garden.

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Think Coastal

mint green design ideas

Raili Ca Design

There’s something about a mint green bathroom that immediately transports us to a beautiful beach far, far away. Raili Ca Design takes the coastal vibe to the next level with this pretty space. The scalloped tiles in the shower create the illusion of waves, while the mint green cabinets exude calmness—as if we’re floating in a crystal clear ocean. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some daydreaming to do...