Miranda Kerr Spills Her Secrets to Success, Motherhood, and Juggling It All

Updated 08/30/17
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It's safe to say Miranda Kerr knows a thing or two about success: She's the founder of popular skincare and bodycare line KORA Organics, was the first Australian Victoria's Secret Angel, and is a dedicated mother to 5-year-old Flynn, her son with ex-husband Orlando Bloom. The entrepreneur-turned-model has gracefully mastered the juggling act when it comes to managing her time. She recently opened up on the subject of work/life balance to The Grace Tales, where she shared details about coordinating her hectic schedule and how she manages to leave time for daily meditation, which she's been practicing since the ripe old age of 15.

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"Success is a funny thing, because I feel like being successful is kind of just doing the best you can do. Being kind to yourself and others. It's not necessarily about what you have or haven’t done, it's more about the way you feel. If you feel you are doing things, which are true to your heart and you are passionate about, then that's successful. As long as you're following your journey and not doing something because you think that you should, then that's successful. Follow the beat of your own drum."

"Flynn was up at 4 a.m. this morning. He came from London. For me, what I've found to be really effective is planning and just prioritizing time. So for instance, I know that the last 10 days have been intense and I have a couple more days to go, but after that, I'll have some time off and I can spend one-on-one with Flynn and have those special moments with him. I don't have a 9-to-5 job. I'm lucky in the way that when I do have to work very intensely, I'll book it during the time that he's going to be with Orlando.

Then I know that he's having fun, and it's really valuable for him to have that time with his dad. During this time, I really try and focus on my work. Today is a special exception where the two are mixed."

"I do enjoy the challenge of work and multitasking. It's nice to be able to be here right now and have my family around. Today, we're having a lunch as part of a shoot this afternoon, and some of my friends are coming, so that’s nice. There is a lot going on. I have just finished a trip in Asia, where I was working back-to-back for 10 days, up to 16–17 hours a day. We had three hours of sleep a night. Flynn has been with his dad."

"I always talk about being healthy 80% of the time and indulgent the other 20%. I don’t feel it's healthy for me to be too strict with myself, especially with all the travel. I feel I need to be kind to myself. For instance, I just had a piece of vegemite toast. If I didn't take care of myself, I couldn't do what I do to the extent that I do. Food is fuel, and what you put into your body really helps support your whole system energetically. It's the same with your mind. Our mind, body, and spirit is all interconnected.

Also the thoughts we put into our body really affect us. That's why I really enjoy meditation, especially when I'm busy."

"I've been doing yoga and meditation since I was about 15 years old. It's something that's now a part of my life. I'll generally sit in hair and makeup and use that time to mediate and to regroup. There are so many studies done on the benefits of meditation, and how even if you can give yourself 20 minutes, it is the equivalent to five hours of sleep."

"Time is so important, and everything needs to be planned from my different contracts to my business, even time with Flynn. I'll get Orlando's schedule and link it up with my schedule and then we work everything out. Flynn is both of our priorities. He comes first. We'll book the jobs around when he's going to be with his dad. We plan pretty much a year in advance, and then we'll do weekly plans. Some things move and you have to be flexible, but it's good to have that general plan as then time doesn’t get away from you."

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