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Miranda Kerr living room

My Design Mindset: How Miranda Kerr Tapped Into Her Designer Side

When walking into Miranda Kerr's Malibu home, it's impossible not to feel an immediate sense of calm. Outside you'll find beautiful trees lining the property, a Pacific Ocean view peeking out behind the foliage, a tile-lined pool just begging to be jumped in, and, of course, the entrance to the home itself. Inside you'll find a beautifully curated space adorned with inviting furniture, interesting accent pieces, and plenty of oversized windows.

Thoughtful and personal details can be found in just about every corner of Kerr's home. From the pillow covers she had made out of Hérmes scarves in the living room, to the one-of-a-kind family art that can be found in her kids' room, each space has something special, and something that aligns perfectly with Kerr's personal style and values.

Miranda Kerr living room

Veronica Sams

You'll find crystals sprinkled throughout the space: amethyst on one of the living room side tables and rose quartz around the base of one of the property's trees, just to name a few. Crystals, to Kerr, almost immediately make a space feel like home.

She told MyDomaine that when she travels for work, having those familiar creature comforts helps her feel at home, no matter where she actually is.

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"If I would go to a hotel, I would take off all the cushions and things and put them away and make it like a clean palette and get a bunch of flowers and light my candle and I would always travel with my teacup and make it feel like home and always have my crystal with me," she explained.

With the importance she places on home, it's no surprise that Kerr decided to branch out and bring her business acumen and creativity to furniture design. Her line, Miranda Kerr Home by Universal Furniture is filled with pieces that are direct expressions of her personal style and her own home needs and interests.

You'll find a soft, warm, welcoming palette (similar to the palette she used in her own Malibu home) as well as geometric details, metallic accents, and plenty of kid-proof performance fabrics.

Miranda Kerr Bedroom

Veronica Sams

Miranda Kerr bedroom

Veronica Sams

"Practically, it makes sense, especially with those pieces being all neutral. Having those performance fabrics is definitely useful for when spillages happen and you have little boys running around and spilled drinks or dirty feet, and you’re like, 'How did that happen?'" she explained.

Kerr said that she loves designing furniture and has another Miranda Kerr Home collection coming out soon—likely sometime in 2022. This time around though, she got a little more experimental with shapes.

"The shapes are a little more different. It was a little more inspired by mushroom shapes," she explained.

And while you can find the pieces from her Miranda Kerr Home line throughout her Malibu home, there are plenty of other details that feel just as personal.

Kids Room Art

Veronica Sams

Take, for instance, the hand painted silhouettes of her three sons hanging in their shared bedroom.

"I wanted to create something that was personal. So I chose the boys’ favorite colors and then I gave them the side of their face picture, and then on the bottom, I had them write a quote from the song they were born to," she explained.

Miranda Kerr kids room

Veronica Sams

"Flynn’s says 'May the longtime sun shine upon you.' Myles’s says, 'You’re a sky full of stars.' Then Hart was born to 'Here Comes the Sun,' so it was pretty cute. Each got their own little verse that goes with their little face and their favorite color and it was fun to create that and put it on the wall."

The room is also outfitted with a bunk bed and a crib, so all three boys can share the space together. For now, at least.

"I mean, who knows?" Kerr said. "They were talking about all wanting to be in the same room all the time, but I don’t know how long that will last."

Her sons aren't the only family members who have a welcoming space in the Malibu home though. Beyond the main house, there are two guest houses on the property as well, which gives Kerr the opportunity to happily host family and friends.

"My mum has spent quite a bit of time visiting and we have friends that go and stay in my home a lot," she said. "Where I grew up, we had that open-door policy where everyone was welcome."

Miranda Kerr guest house bookshelf

Veronica Sams

Throughout the space and Kerr's entire Love. Joy. Bliss. line, those personal touches abound. But so do thoughtful details that make her designs a great fit for just about any space and family.

The overarching neutral palette allows each customer to add in their own details as they style out their space. Think: statement pillows, a colorful rug, plants and flowers, etc. But the neutral pieces themselves also have plenty of visual interest thanks to the texture of the fabric, the grain of the wood, or the finish of the metallic accents.

"It’s very subtle and there are a lot of things you don’t see when you first look, and then when you look deeper, you do see those details, which is what I wanted," Kerr explained. "I didn’t want it to be in your face."

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