Trying to Get Pregnant? Read This First

If you're counting the days when you're ovulating, and cutting out all sushi and alcohol, there may be another dietary restriction for mothers-to-be: coffee. Huffington Post shared a new study from the National Institutes of Health that revealed women who drink more than two caffeinated drinks per day before getting pregnant have a 74% higher risk of miscarriage.

But it’s not just the women who need to cut back on their cups of joe. The study found that the men who consumed caffeine were also putting their partner's pregnancy at risk. 

The survey included 501 couples in Michigan and Texas who were trying to conceive. The couples kept daily journals of their lifestyle behaviors including what they consumed, from coffee to cigarettes. While 344 couples became pregnant within a year, 98% of them experienced at least one miscarriage. Though the authors didn't study the difference between decaffeinated versus caffeinated coffee, for expectant parents, that beloved morning brew may have to go. 

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And tell us, do you think drinking coffee before pregnancy can really make a difference?