Boy Missing 6 Days, Found at IKEA

A 12-year-old boy in Shanghai was found yesterday, six days after he went missing, at a local IKEA.

The boy had run away from home following an altercation with his mother (who felt terrible). Though IKEA is usually the location and cause of fights amongst loved ones (deciding whether to get the Billy or Fjälkinge shelving unit can get heated), Peng Yijian sought refuge post-argument at what his mother said is one of his favorite places. Aw. 

Police finally located the boy after receiving the list of locations Yijian loves the most and therefore places he would most likely have headed. After spotting him on surveillance cameras at the targeted IKEA, police blocked off all exits and found him near an escalator on the ground floor. 

He has been reuinited with his family and, as of yesterday, was recuperating at a local hospital. 

We can only hope that Peng Yijian's time as an IKEA stowaway was not unlike Macaulay Culkin's character's time at FAO Schwartz in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Which is to say, what anyone ever hopes running away to their favorite store might be like. In this case, we envision lots of toys, pillows, and meatballs. 

Where did you dream of running away to when you were a kid? Let us know below!