The Single Best Way to Style a Statement Interior Like No Other

While it would be wonderful to style a space from scratch, the reality is that our homes are an accumulation of treasured items and joint possessions. If you're moving in with your S.O. or styling a shared space with a roommate, you don't have to put mismatched items in storage or buy new wares. The solution is right on trend: Blend your styles.

Unlike the interiors of yesteryear that adhered to one uniform aesthetic, the most showstopping spaces of the moment aren't confined to a single look. In fact, some of our favorite interiors reject conformity altogether—think traditional French moldings juxtaposed with ultra-modern furniture, or plush, classic pieces paired with bohemian accents. The reigning rule of 2016? There are no rules. Well, almost. 

Mastering dual décor style might look simple—after all, to an untrained eye, it seems like anything goes—but interior designers reveal there's an art to pairing contradictory pieces with ease. When done well, spaces are cohesive and considered, not chaotic. Throw out the old rule book, and follow these expert tips to create a truly unique home.