Mobile Home: The 7 Best Interior Design Apps Out There

Home improvement projects can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned interior designers, handymen, and handywomen. But once you find the right tools to help you navigate the process and stay on top of your to-do lists, domestic projects are actually fun and rewarding. While we can't all have professional help on call, we can get the next best thing vis-à-vis the app store.

From color scheme consultants to layout generators and inspirational mood boards, the best interior design apps are just a finger tap away. And it doesn't stop there. We also made sure to include apps that provide services like housekeeping support, repair instructions, and gardening guidance. Scroll through to find out the seven best apps for design and living to make your house a home.

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For All Things Color: Color Capture

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore & Co.: An office favorite, this iPhone app captures colors as you scan the room with your phone whenever something catches your eye or inspires you. Then it presents you with suggested palettes based on the scene, which you can save and email for future room makeover reference. This makes the shopping process a lot easier, too!

For Test-Driving Furniture: Homestyler

Homestyler: It's basically like having a personal interior designer without breaking out of a tight budget. One of MacWorld's Best Apple Products of the year, Homestyler uses a photo of your own space to allow you to test-drive your design vision with Dupont paint colors on your walls, with high-quality 3-D models of real furniture products from the likes of B&B Italia and Jonathan Adler.

For Planning a Layout: Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D: Designed for both the iPad and iPhone, this simple-to-use app measures your room and draws the floor plan by using your built-in camera. It then allows you to export the plan in PDF, JPG, or DXF format or publish an interactive floor plan on the web. Now you can get creative and test-run different layouts before doing the manual labor yourself. It could also save you from having to return furniture since it helps you figure out the ideal scale.

For Housekeeping: Brightnest

Brightnest: This app covers all of the important tasks, including cleaning tips and tricks that span unclogging a showerhead to recipes for homemade disinfectant spray. It's basically a personal assistant since it keeps you on track with all your chores and to-do lists around the home.

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For Design Inspiration: Domino

Domino Home Decor Interior Design Ideas: This app will give you great interior design advice and inspiration while you're on the go. You'll want to scroll gorgeous visuals and design tips for hours on this easy-to-navigate interface. Mood boards abound!

For Shopping: Chairish

Chairish: This app makes it fun and easy to buy and sell vintage furniture. If you love vintage finds but don't have time to spending hours thrifting at a flea market or you'd simply rather shop from the comfort of our iPhone, then this app will be your new favorite procrastination tool. With thousands upon thousands of well-curated vintage finds of every design style, the hardest part is not overfilling your shopping cart.

For Handiwork: Handy Man DIY

The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius: This home improvement planner offers everything from pre-built shopping lists to project cost estimates and video tutorials—so if you need help sussing out the amount of paint, molding, and wainscoting you'll require for a room, look no further. Now those tedious or foreign tasks will be easier to tackle.

Which of home design apps do you like the best? Make your case in the comment section below.

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