8 Supermodels Who Ditched the Runway to Start Their Own Businesses

Updated 07/18/17
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Merilyn Smith/Getty Images

It's common knowledge that fashion models begin their careers early; most get discovered in their teens and leave the runway in their late 20s, which is definitely not the average retirement age in the majority of industries. And the most recent retirees have been even younger, walking away from their bustling modeling careers at the ripe (and oddly specific) age of 23. Remember when Cara Delevigne told The Times that "modeling just made [her] feel a bit hollow after a while" back in 2015?

And just yesterday, 23-year-old fashion model Lindsey Wixson announced that she's decided "to listen to [her] body and the changing times of this industry and peacefully try to move on." Instead of walking the runway, she's launching her own pottery brand called Wixson Design.

Thanks to her talent and obvious passion for the craft, her announcement seems more like a career change than a premature retirement. Plus, considering the success of other models-turned-entrepreneurs, it's also a smart business decision.

Just look at Miranda Kerr's new skincare line, KORA Organics; Gemma Ward's lifestyle and fashion blog, Gemma's; Iman's fashion and beauty brand; Heidi Klum's lingerie brand (previously Elle MacPherson Intimates); Coco Rocha's advocacy work around eating disorders; Kate Moss's designs for Topshop; and Bethann Hardison's modeling agency that works to diversify the industry. These supermodels prove that there's no right age to make an unexpected career move.

Have you ever thought about making a surprising career change? Share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below.

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