The Entire MyDomaine Team Is Obsessing Over This Aussie Home—See Why

While we'll forever be fans of the minimal and tonal Scandinavian design or the regal and refined Parisian interiors, there's one region the entire MyDomaine team continually obsess over: Australian design. There's something incredibly fresh, unique, and original about their approach. Australians also prefer a clean and casual approach, yet their use of color and space is what really sets them apart. They take all of the best elements of design from around the world and fuse it into a very potent, sensory space that is just as much about aesthetics as it is the experience. 

This contemporary Brighton East residence in Melbourne (designed by Robson Rak Architects) delivers all the practical elements a busy family (that loves entertaining) needs along with the beauty. While elegant and fragile to the eye, this home has a fairly robust mix of materials including rammed earth, concrete, timber, and marble. This home is a dynamic, textural and engaging masterpiece. Take a look for yourself. We dare you not to pin everything.