This Moody Bachelor Pad Is What Bicoastal Dreams Are Made of—Come Inside

Like many successful creatives and entrepreneurs, Brad Johns decided that the next step in his career as a celebrity hair colorist at the Riccardo Maggiore Salon was to become bicoastal. And let's be real, splitting your time between Los Angeles and New York City means getting the best of both worlds. To make things even more perfect, he found a dreamy two-bedroom apartment just a few steps away from the inimitable Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood to launch his bicoastal lifestyle.

To give his new California digs a sense of place while staying true to his style, he called on his interior design friend, Jennifer Feldman of JF Designs. "All the apartments I've lived in have had a basic black-and-white color scheme—I work with hair color all day and need to let the color cones in my eyes recharge. My apartment in Greenwich Village is black and white with plexiglass accents, so I asked Jennifer to do the same sort of thing," Johns tells MyDomaine.

When she brought up bone, faux fur, and marble, he freaked out, but he eventually came around. "She explained that the California climate calls for softer, casual colors and textures." And the end result was worth it: "It came out magnificently," Johns says, and it's still true to his personality. ("It's you, but at the beach," his friends tell him.) Keep reading to get a sense of this moody, texture-rich modern bachelor pad in West Hollywood with design wisdom from Feldman sprinkled throughout.