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20 Designer-Approved Modern Bathrooms Anyone Can Pull off

modern bathroom

Design: Studio DIY, Photo: Jeff Mindell

The modern bathroom can be interpreted in a number of ways, but they all have to strike a balance between luxury and convenience. Luxury, for instance, can be accomplished with a double vanity and a roomy tub. In contrast, convenience can be exemplified with easy-to-clean tiles and ample shelving. Once these two must-haves are met, then a mix of timeless and colorful touches complete the look.

We scoured the internet for modern bathrooms that pack a big style punch. Below, let our top 20 modern bathroom design ideas inspire you.

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Go for a Farmhouse Chic Look

modern bathroom

Design: Eye for Pretty, Photo: Amy Bartlam

A mix of bold tiling and white walls designates this casually blue bathroom by Eye for Pretty as "modern," as we've seen the popularity of bold floor tiling increase as a way to showcase personality. Clean, no-nonsense mirrors help balance more vivid details. 

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Fresh Stripes

Floor to ceiling patterned tiled bathroom

Becca Interiors

One of the best things about decorating with stripes is that they're versatile. That includes infusing a space, like this bathroom, with a fresh and polished accent like a hand towel.

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Minimize Clutter

Modern bathroom with floating wood shelf with vignette, oval mirror

Desiree Burns Interiors

Modern doesn't necessarily mean minimalist, but the overall vibe should feel streamlined. Utilize hidden storage, shelving, and hooks to keep items tucked out of sight when they're not in-use. Group items on display with intention to add style.

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Play With Pattern

modern bathroom

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

White tiles are a timeless bathroom feature, but they can feel more modern depending on the finish. In this Emily Henderson-designed home, herringbone pattern flooring gives this bathroom an edge, complemented by floor-to-ceiling gray-blue wall tiles.

It's also increasingly popular to stack tiles, too, as a fresh departure from more expected layouts. 

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Bring the Outdoors In

All white and cream large bathroom with large windows

Becca Interiors

Modern home design and décor favors lots of natural light and open space, unlike the opulence of centuries past (such as the Baroque period). Maximize natural light in your bathroom with sheer window treatments that bring the outside in.

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Opt for a Floating Vanity

Modern bathroom with floating shelves, green walls

Cathie Hong Interiors

A floating vanity offers crisp lines and space-saving storage. And these days, you're bound to find one that fits your needs, as they come in different configurations, from complete units to separates.

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Go Glam

modern bathroom

Design: Studio McGee, Photo: Jessica Kettle

Another clear sign of a modern bathroom is sleek black and gold accents, and this one from Studio McGee nails it. Beige double vanities add texture to the look. 

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Black Accents

Modern farmhouse bathroom with black hexagonal tile, live hanging plant

Becca Interiors

Black accents instantly update a bathroom, no matter what design aesthetic you're after. Jere, black faucet fixtures and a black-rimmed sink seal this bathroom with a sophisticated, updated look.

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Try Terrazzo

modern bathroom

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

This bathroom introduces terrazzo flooring, a traditional material that's reemerged as modern. Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel created a geometric pattern on the floor that would pair well with the green tiles, and its gold grout matches the surrounding fixtures. 

If you're dealing with a small space, opt for glass shower doors, which offer the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

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Statement Lighting

Modern bathroom with round vanity mirror, vintage area rug

Cathie Hong Interiors

Opt for a striking overhead light fixture and task lighting in a complementary shape. We like how the angular overhead fixture's lampshades match the vanity's task lighting shades, and that the gold-finished hardware glams up the overall feel of this bathroom.

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Use Natural Materials

modern bathroom

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Designer Sarah Samuel nails the modern bathroom look in this space, thanks to gold accents and detailed tiling, as well as wood details. Convenience also comes into play when using a ladder as towel storage, and the floating vanity is also stunning proof of form and function. 

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Quartz Countertop

Modern bathroom with white subway tile, light wood vanity

Cathie Hong Interiors

Quartz countertops, especially in a lighter finish, do double-duty to modernize a bathroom and provide a low-maintenance surface. Quartz is easy to clean and resists scratching and staining—in other words, the material is perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic, like the bathroom.

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Incorporate Bold Tile

modern bathroom

Design: Studio DIY, Photo: Jeff Mindell

This bathroom is a confident mix of emerald green tiles in the angular shower and pink and red ones on the floor that makes a bold statement. Plus, there's enough storage to make the space functional, too. 

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Use an Unexpected Shade

modern bathroom

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

By now, you've learned that black accents, clean finishes, and color are all details of a modern bathroom. And this one, also from Elizabeth Roberts, encapsulates that checklist. The pink vanity is an irresistible touch, and the rounded mirrors add to its overall soft, approachable look. 

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Make a Big Statement With Small Tiles

modern bathroom

Design: GRT Architects, Photo: Nicole Franzen

Penny tiles are yet another traditional aspect of a bathroom, but they are given a modern twist in this example from GRT Architects because of their unexpected colors and fun design. The zigzag pattern of the floor-to-ceiling tiles is sleek and impactful.

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Nature-Inspired Patterns

Moderin bathroom with mixed metal fixtures, blue palm leaf patterned wallpaper

Desiree Burns Interiors

The modern bathroom aims to celebrate the beauty of the outdoors. That might look like a playful leaf-print motif on the walls, or sprucing up drab corners with live plants.

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Choose a Tub Over a Shower

marble bathroom

Design: Katherine Carter Design, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Creating a space that's a sanctuary is a hallmark of a modern bathroom, and that lesson is often interpreted with lush potted plants. In Katherine Carter's design, a traditional clawfoot tub is accompanied by a bright green plant for a relaxing detail to an otherwise timeless white bathroom. 

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Install a Smart Sconce

modern bathroom

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

A modern bathroom has more than enough storage to retain its ultra-clean appearance, and this bathroom from Elizabeth Roberts fits the bill. Sconces are also widely used in today's bathrooms; here, the detailed design on this sconce matches the colors in the nearby runner. 

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Add a Framed Illustration or Graphic

Modern bathroom with pink walls, framed typographic art piece

Cathie Hong Interiors

A colorful, playful illustrated phrase or graphic keeps the modern bathroom on-trend. Hang the piece on the wall, or prop it up against the vanity if you have the space. Striped towels also help keep the space fresh and upbeat.

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Large Format Tiles

Modern bathroom with square shower fixture.

Interior Impressions

For a high-impact style without the high-maintenance cleaning schedule, opt for large-format tile. They'll leave fewer grout lines, meaning less cleaning. Plus, the array of colors, texture, and finishes available means you can get a customized look.