An Interior Designer Gave Her Bedroom a Modern Makeover—We Can't Stop Staring

Before settling into their current place, content creator Anne Sage lived with her now-husband, Ivan, in a more cramped home where natural light was hard to come by. "I always felt like I was piggybacking on [my husband's] space," Sage tells MyDomaine, so a chance to build a new life together in a new home came as a welcome adventure for the pair.

And considering that Sage is an incredibly talented interior designer, the decorating process was so fun to watch (just check out her kitchen to see what we mean). While it's hard to rank which rooms we were most excited to see come together, we were probably partial to the master bedroom, so when she told us it was ready to make its debut, we couldn't wait to see the result.

"This is the bedroom my husband and I share. It's not huge, measuring about 10-by-12 feet, but I'm happy to say that it's the biggest bedroom we've ever had together, so it feels like we live in a mansion," says Sage. "We live in a 1954 bungalow. It's quaint and petite, with a simple but charming architectural envelope," she continues.

Her main objective for the new space? "I wanted it to feel super intentional: Our bedroom in our previous home was a random amalgamation of things we'd collected over time, and it always felt a little haphazard to me," Sage explained. "This was my chance to create a space in which every decision had been considered as part of the whole." To get inspired by modern bedroom design, take a tour of the finished product below.