15 Modern Bedrooms We Want To Be Transported To Right Now

Bedroom with modern light fixture

Cathie Hong

When it comes to home décor, the word "modern" tends to conjure up images of stark, cold spaces that favor aesthetics over comfort. In an attempt to combat this common misconception, we've compiled a collection of modern bedrooms that prove contemporary style and comfortable living are not mutually exclusive. Trust us—you're going to want to keep scrolling to see how contemporary meets cozy in these modern bedrooms.

We're talking a statement-making velvet headboard that exudes cozy vibes, a room with an exposed brick wall that looks anything but cold, and a black-and-white bedroom that's far from stark. These modern bedrooms are going to inspire you to rethink how you define contemporary décor. Prediction: You're going to want to steal these modern bedroom ideas for yourself; they take cozy to a whole new level.

Bold Art

bedroom wall art

Design: Sarah Fultz, Photo: Matti Gresham

This bedroom is proof that art is the fastest way to transform a space. A large modern painting hung over the bed in lieu of a traditional headboard makes this room feel instantly contemporary.

All White Everything

modern white bedroom
Fantastic Frank

Serious question: If this were your bed, how many times would you hit snooze? Honestly, if we woke up in this minimalist modern bedroom, we'd never want to get out of bed either.

Unexpected Nightstand

bedroom using art as a headboard
Fantastic Frank

Take style notes from this modern bedroom, and swap your headboard with a large framed print leaned against the wall instead. Opt for a black-and-white photograph to up the contemporary aesthetic.

Modern Glam

velvet headboard

MyDomaine / Jenna Peffley

Although clearly influenced by vintage aesthetics (note the ornate vanity on the right), the herringbone floors, modern light fixtures, and velvet headboard make this bedroom decidedly modern.

Black and White

modern black and white bedroom

Nina Holst / Stylizmo

Featuring walls painted in a shade of soft black and white bedding in laid-back linen, this minimalist bedroom boasts a black-and-white color scheme that's not at all stark.

Accent Wall

exposed brick wall
Ragnar Ómarsson; DESIGN: Pella Hedeby

Textured bedding in cool shades of blue and gray paired with complementary curtains in similar hues ensures the exposed brick wall in this bedroom is anything but cold. Can't you picture yourself curling up with a good read here?

Mix and Match

black and white bedroom

Nina Holst / Stylizmo

A statement-making patterned quilt steals the spotlight in this modern black-and-white bedroom. Throw pillows in a contrasting pattern ensure the quilt has maximum impact on the room—we want to move in stat.

Gray Gradient

modern bedroom light fixture
Ragnar Ómarsson; DESIGN: Pella Hedeby

Despite the cool color palette, this contemporary bedroom feels anything but cold. Complete with gradiated gray bedding, a geometric light fixture, and an oversize framed photograph, this monochromatic room is thoroughly modern.

Statement Lights

statement light in a white and gray bedroom

Eric Audras / Getty Images

Yet another example of the impact art can have on a space; a large-scale painting is flanked by light fixtures in complementary colors in this über-chic contemporary bedroom. Consider this room's design goals.

Southwest Style

tufted headboard

MyDomaine / Jenna Peffley

All-white beds never go out of style, and when paired with a tufted headboard, they're decidedly modern. A midcentury bedside table boasting a gold vase full of flowers completes the contemporary look.

Small and Cozy

modern bedroom windows
Fantastic Frank

This modern bedroom is proof that sometimes layout is everything. By making strategic use of floor-to-ceiling windows, this space feels thoroughly contemporary even when the bed is left unmade.

Soft and Serene

gray modern bedroom
Fantastic Frank

Just looking at this modern gray bedroom makes us instantly feel 10 times calmer. Moody gray walls paired with complimentary bedding make this monochromatic room an example of contemporary comfort at its finest.

Gray Scale

modern bedroom with all gray decor
Coco Lapine Design

A bold light fixture stands out in this modern bedroom. Decorated in shades of soft purple-gray, this space is where we'd want to spend the better part of a lazy Sunday.

Sweet Neutrals

color nutral bedroom with leather headboard
Alyssa Rosenheck

Modern meets traditional in this picture-perfect bedroom. While a textured wall hanging and a not-so-traditional leather headboard lean toward modern aesthetics, the Roman shade and throw pillows offer nods to traditional design.

Touch of Drama

black bedroom walls and a statement chandelier
Alyssa Rosenheck

This bedroom expertly balances elements of traditional design (notably, the chandelier and the bed frame) with elements of modern design (the paint finish and the impressionist painting), and we're taking style notes.

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